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Nick's Revenge

Nick threw the duffel bag angrily across the bedroom in his Florida Keys home. He had just returned from an overseas recording session for their new album and the final part of the trip was the meeting with management.

’You’re getting a litte chubby, you need to lose at least 25 pounds before we start gearing up for the European tour in two months.’ The PR manager’s words played over and over in Nick’s head.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Nick started to wonder why management was so obsessed over his weight. It seemed it was always the subject of conversation everytime they sat down to a meeting, a meeting that usually had a platter of doughnuts sitting at the table or something else good to eat.

Taking his shirt off, Nick gazed at his reflection in the mirror. He decided that he was a little chunky, but he was always prone to extra weight when the group was done touring. His belly was slightly rounded, just on the verge of cresting the waistline on his jeans - no chance of a six pack on his abdomen.

“I have a two pack,” Nick snickered.

He looked at his sides and noticed the subtle “love handles” that had sprouted over the course of the summer. His arms weren’t anything that he could call toned, but he was never really into weight lifting so he always carried a softer look on his upper arms that could be mistaken for flabby.

As he looked at his slightly rounded face in the mirror, Nick shrugged his shoulders. He turned and walked across the soft, dark green plush carpet to retrieve the duffel bag he had thrown. As he placed the bag ontop of the bed, the PR manager’s words kept repeating over and over inside of Nick’s head.

’Lose at least 25 pounds’

The more Nick thought about it, the more angrier he became. Being the stubborn person that he was, he spat, “Lose 25? I’m gonna gain 25 and show those assholes they can’t push Nick Carter around!”

Before leaving to get things he needed to start his goal of weight gain, Nick stepped on the bathroom scale.

“238. Okay, if I add twenty-five pounds I’ll weigh 263! That should make management choke on their words and try to push me around,” Nick mused as he tried to envision what he will look like 25 pounds heavier.


Nick returned from a trip to the grocery store and a clothing store and a health food store. He had purchased some clothes in two sizes larger to prepare for his growth. On his way home he had gone through a drive thru and bought two double cheeseburgers, double order of french fries an order of onion rings and a chocolate milkshake. He was stuffed after he ate and his distended stomach protested in pain.

After unloading the bags, he pulled out a canister from his last bag. He looked at the can and read the contents. He had self consciously gone into the health food store to get some weight gain powder and laughed it off to the store clerk that he was “fixin to build his physique.”

He was anxious to set his plan into action and quickly mixed and drank an 8oz glass of the frothy shake. He walked into the living room and clicked on the television, happy thoughts of weight gain swimming through his head.

A few weeks passed with Nick’s eating a few larger portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a couple of the weight gain shakes and he only had a weight gain of six pounds to show for it.

Feeling defeated, Nick sadly stepped off the the scales towards his bedroom. He mentally cursed his plan, deciding that he couldn’t do anything right. A thought sprung into his mind when his eyes fell onto the computer sitting on a desk in the corner of the bedroom.

Quickly logging on, Nick typed in the url for a search engine. He typed in Weight Gain tips. He was rewarded with several pages of links for recipies and advice. Nick noticed that there were chatrooms that were devoted to people that wanted to gain weight. He debated at first about going into a chat, but decided he needed help in getting fat and no one would know who he was by a chat name so he created a screen name and entered the room.

tryin2bround: I NEED HELP!!! Nick quickly typed. It only took two seconds and he was rewarded with a reply.

luciousbabe: What do you need help with sweetie?

Nick explained his predicament only with, “I need to gain 19 pounds in two weeks” to the online person.

luciousbabe: Only 19?

Nick was desperate for help and he got the impression that this online person wouldn’t be interested in helping someone gain a measly 19 pounds.

tryin2bround: Ooops, that was a typeo, I meant to say I wanted to gain 90 pounds, I was looking at a 100 pound gain but I only managed to put on 10 so far,” Nick lied.

Lucious patiently explained to Nick the importance of eating several times a day and snacking in between the main meals with high calorie foods but emphasized about the imporantance of eating something really filling before going to bed.

tryin2bround: I did read about that on a site, but I was hoping that you knew of some place that would sell a mix or a something that would kick this in high gear, I need to gain weight and get fat by the end of this month. Is that possible?

After chatting back and forth and asking Nick what state he lived in, the chatter was able to not only give the name of a couple of people that could help him, one person was amazingly located only 12 miles from his house.

luciousbabe: Good luck to you, sweetie, and lemme know how things work out for you!

tryin2bround: Thanks!

Nick smiled as he logged off. This would definately provide him with the results he needed.


The shrill ringing of the phone, woke Nick up from a peaceful nap he slipped into on the couch after eating a high calorie feast.

“Yeah?” he asked lazily into the phone, eyes not even opened.

“Nick? It’s Brian, they’ve upped our meeting for the tour to tomorrow at noon.”

Nick’s eyes popped open and he quickly sat up. “Wha.....what?”

“It’s been changed to noon tomorrow, we’re meeting tomorrow at noon,” Brian slowly repeated, hoping it would sink into Nick’s head.

Running a hand through his tousled hair, Nick sighed. His mind was thinking a million thoughts at once and the most predominate thought was that he would need to get bigger in less than 24 hours!

“Nick? Were you sleeping?”

“Yeah,” he replied quietly, a yawn escaped his lips.

“Okay, I’ll let you go back to sleep then, see you tomorrow, bye.”

As soon as he said goodbye, he clicked the phone off and tossed it beside him on the couch and jumped up.

“Shit! This don’t leave much time,” Nick stated outload and rushed to the kitchen and scooped up his car keys that were laying on the tiled countertop and raced out to his blue Mercedes and sped off towards the places that LuciousBabe had told him about.


Potions...Incantations.....Black Magic.

Swallowing hard, Nick debated on whether or not this was a good idea to be going here. Just as he was thinking about turning around and abandoning his quest, the door squeaked open and an elderly woman, standing about 4’ 9” held a crooked index finger up and gestured at Nick to come into her house.

Stepping into the house, Nick immediately noted the scent of vanilla incense. The room was almost theatrical in design - all the way down to a cloak covered round table with a crystal ball perched ontop of a stand.

“Nick, what is it you need today?” the woman smiled.

Nick narrowed his eyes at the woman, how did she know his name? He shook the question out of his head and tried to focus on the task he needed to complete. “I um... well... um, I was given your name by a friend in a chatroom.”

“I see, and what is it you want me to do?”

His face suddenly becoming hot, Nick stared down at the floor. “I... um.... I need something to put on weight quickly.”

“Ah,” the woman purred. “Girlfriend?”

“Huh?” Nick asked, dumbfounded at the question.

“You have a girlfriend you want to fatten up?”

Nick’s eyes grew wide at the woman’s question. “Oh, no, it’s for me.”

The woman smiled and shuffled over towards a bookcase that contained small flasks of different shapes and sizes. She pulled out a flask that looked as if it were a fifth of whiskey and handed it Nick.

“A teaspoon will have you gain, this is very potent medicine so it would be wise to go slow on it until you’ve reached the desired weight,” the woman advised.

Nick nodded and handed the woman payment and thanked her as he turned to leave the house. He stopped on the porch for a moment. “Is the weight gain permanent?”

The woman only laughed and closed the door.

Bounding down the steps with his bottle of achievement gripped firmly in his hands, Nick decided to stop at the other place that was recommended by Lucious. He figured two plans are better than one in this case.

The woman’s home was slightly similiar to the last place Nick had visited. She quickly gave him some pills and told him this would yield a nice weight gain but to only take one pill before retiring for the night.

Again Nick made payment and thanked the woman, getting into his car to head for home, anxious to try the potions.

Later that evening, he decided it was “now or never” in making himself fatter. First he took the bottles of the fattener pills. He remembered the woman advised that he take only one pill but Nick wanted results so he took three of the tiny brown tablets with a generous gulp of the weight gain shake.

Next came the liquid that was in the flask. Again, Nick remembered the elderly woman’s advice to take only a teaspoon at a time until he sees the desired results. What the woman didn’t tell Nick was that the results weren’t instant - it would take eight hours to happen.

Standing in front of the full length mirror, Nick took a tiny sip of the yellow tinged liquid and waited for the results to show up. After waiting a few minutes without anything happening, Nick figured it was because he didn’t drink enough of the hexed potion. He thrusted the flask back and took four generous gulps of the mixture and decided he needed to sit down and wait for the results to pack on.

His eyes grew heavy as Nick waited and he finally drifted off to sleep. His peaceful slumber was interrupted suddenly as he started to feel incredible pressure in his stomach. Nick's eyes popped open as he felt something was happening to his body.

His pants instantly felt tight, from the waist all the way down to the bottom of his pantlegs. The button at the top of the jeans popped off from the pressure and the zipper burst open exposing a roll of fat that was escaping through the gap. Sounds of seams tearing on his pantlegs pierced the air as his thighs were expanding from the potion he had drank.

Nick looked down at his lap in amazement as his belly continued to grow, pushing it's way out of the jeans, trying to escape onto his now widening thighs. The fat continued to creep down his legs developing his calves to a fuller, softer shape. The formula started to work now on his upper body. His chest started forming small breasts that touched his growing stomach. His arms suddenly started to plump up starting at his shoulders, with dimpled, soft folds of fat drooping from his upper arms, dangling at the elbows. His lower arms puffed out two, with a gentle baby crease mid-way and then a slight roll where his wrists used to be. His hands swelled up, leaving no trace of veins or tendons, only creamy, peachy, doughy flesh remained. The fingers swelled up like tiny pink sausages packed into a casing that was too small to accomodate the bulk that was being packed into it.

Nick's face started rounding out more, his cheeks puffed out and drooped towards his shoulders, his chin formed a big scoop and hung to his chest. His butt had grown wider too, as did his hips.

Just as quickly as the weight gain began, it stopped.

As Nick strugged to pull his massive body to a standing postion, he had a sick feeling that this would be more than a small twenty pound weight gain. It too him several minutes of grunting and twisting before he finally was able to get to a standing position. As he stood up, he swayed a few times, not knowing how to steady his new girth.

His arms no longer brushed the sides of his hips, they stuck out from either side because of the ring of fat that made up his breasts and circled around towards his back. With all of his clothing being torn off his body during his expansion, Nick needed to get to his bedroom and get dressed.

At first, Nick took small, off balanced steps, not being able to walk normally. He then discovered that he needed to shift his weight from one side to the other to get his thick legs to move. The massive flesh he aquired hung down around his ankles, almost covering his fattened feet. The fat hung on both thighs, rubbing with every move he made. A large apron hung down onto his tighs and bounced with every lumbering step Nick took.

Winded and sweating profusely, Nick managed to make it to the steps that led up to the bedroom.

"Shit, why did it have to be a two story house?" Nick wheezed, short of breath from walking.

Using the stair railing as an aide, it took Nick almost 45 minutes to climb the stairs. Once he made it to his room, Nick had the chance to look into the full length mirror.

At first he was shocked at the relection of his bloated body but after a few moments of marveling at how the folds of his stomach seemed to look like soft pillows and his navel was now a deep well, Nick decided he liked what he saw. He actually liked being fat.

Pulling out the clothes he had bought for his weight gain, Nick was in for a shock when the shirt only went over his new breasts and covered half of his large belly. The rest of his stomach hung out from underneath the shirt, the stretch marks on his skin looking like red tire treds.

Taking the largest pair of jeans he had bought, Nick huffed and groaned and was only able to get them up to his knees. Thankfully, he remembered the huge pair of black sweat pants that someone had bought him as a joke once and pulled them out of the drawer. Thankfully, they fit over his massive thighs and hips. It was a tight fit, but it worked. His exposed stomach hung over the waistband of the sweats.

Waddling slowly back down the stairs, Nick gently lowered himself back onto the leather couch. He called Brian and asked him to relay a message that they needed to meet at his house, he had something important to show management. After he made the phone call, Nick sat rubbing his massive stomach, grinning.


As he waited for his guests to arrive, Nick decided to go to the kitchen for a snack. He soon discovered that the once easily tasks became harder and harder for him. Waddling to the kitchen easily took five minutes of his time and when he made his desitnation, his body was glistening with sweat, the parts of the shirt that covered his bloated body found their way into the folds and clung.

"I think I got too fat," Nick wheezed as he waddled back to the livingroom. He had only planned on a small gain but in his greed of getting fatter, he took the pills and the potion, which proved to be a bad combination. He was now scared to call the women that gave him the potion and the pills. Neither one told him if this was going to be permanent. He eyed the computer in his living room but decided he didn't have enough energy to move himself over to the desk. His wallet was laying on the coffee table and Nick had to struggle and grunt to bend forward to pick it up. Finding the business cards, he picked up the phone and dialed the woman that gave him the potion.

"Madame Zetta," a voice that had a thick Italian accent answered.

"I.. I got your potion to get fatter yesterday. I.. I was wondering if this is um, is this weight gonna stay on me forever?" Nick closed his eyes while he asked the woman, afraid of the answer.

The woman's response at first was laughter. "Did you over do it, son?"

"No," Nick lied but then he rethought and came clean. "Yes, I got a little carried away with drinking it."

"How many swallows?"

Nick wondered why the number of swallows was that important to the woman. Thinking back he remembered drinking it four times. "Um, four, I think."

"So you gained four hundred pounds yesterday?" the woman chuckled.

Nick's eyes widened in horror. Four hundred pounds?! God, that meant he weighed 638! He gasped.

"I'm guessing you didn't want to gain that much then?"

"I'm huge and I'm having trouble walking. No, I didn't want to get this fat! Tell me, please, is this permanent?"

"What if I said yes?"

Nick could feel his heart leap into his throat. "My life would be over!"

"Relax, it only lasts twenty four hours from when you first drank the potion, but everytime you use the potion, a little weight is left behind!"

"Is there anyway to speed the process to get back to normal?" Nick begged as he looked at the rolls of fat on his protuding belly.


Nick narrowed his eyes. "Come again?"

"Drink a gallon of water, as fast as you can and it will flush your body out. Four hundred pounds will take four gallons of water. Your size will be close to normal in 30 minutes."

Nick hung the phone up and wanted to cry. Four gallons of water was alot for anyone to drink at one setting. The other bad part of the situation was he would once again have to struggle to get up and try his best to get back to the kitchen.

Glancing at the clock, he realized that his guests would be coming in almost 45 minutes. Nick started to rock his body back and forth to pull up off the couch. Again, he slowly waddled to the kitchen. He pulled a gallon jug of milk out of the refridgerator and standing sidewise by the sink because his stomach wouldn't allow him to do it othewise, he poured the contents of the jug down the drain and quickly refilled it with water.

It took Nick five minutes to drink one gallon. After he managed to drink two more and he realized he couldn't finish the fourth one. "I guess I will have gained close to 100 pounds," he sighed. He slowly waddled back to the living room and as he was moving, he noticed that his thighs were beginning to get sore with his skin rubbing.

"This sucks," he mumbled.

Sweating, he lowered his bulk back onto the couch, which protested the weight with a loud groan. He looked at the clock and noted that his guests would be coming in about a half an hour. Tired from his little activity, Nick plopped the remote control on his belly and closed his eyes for a quick nap.


"Yo, Nickster! You didn't answer the door so I came in and.. oh holy shit you got fat!"

Startled, Nick jerked awake and was looking at AJ who was peering at him over the tops of his sunglasses. Remembering that he had needed an hour to get back to a near normal size, Nick quickly looked down at his belly. He was happy to see that his size was no longer the 600 pound blimp he had been over an hour ago. He stood up with little difficulty and sighed with relief when his t-shirt actually hung down past his still-rounded stomach.

He consciously moved a hand over his protuding gut which was still hanging over the edge of the loose sweat pants - the ones he had to grab quickly after he stood up as they threatened to fall to the floor.

"I thought management told you to drop a ton," AJ asked as he stared.

"Twenty-five pounds," Nick replied defensively.

"Yeah, well still---"

"Yeah, well, they can't tell me what to do either!" Nick huffed and walked past AJ.

"Where you going now?"

"I'm going to get some clothes on," Nick called out over his shoulder. "Just sit down, I'm sure the rest of them will be here in a few."

Nick noticed that although his thighs rubbed, he could finally walk a little easier and he didn't waddle as bad. Taking his shirt off, he couldn't wait to see what the results were and was surprised by his reflection in the mirror.

His face was a little fuller and a small double chin was all that was left of the much fuller one he had developed earlier. His arms were still a little flabby, his hands and fingers were chubby and soft looking. Nick's stomach was firm and very rounded and dropped below the waistband on the now sagging sweatpants, he still had a slight hint of breasts. His legs were thick and billowy, and his thighs met midway above his knees.

Stepping on the scale, Nick discovered that his weight was 388. He was down to a 50 pound weight gain. He went back to the mirror and admired his softer body.

Anxiously, he tried on the larger pair of jeans and found that although they were a little tight in the waist and thighs he could still wear them. Instead of letting the t-shirt hang, he opted to tuck it in, enhancing his bloated stomach. He was proud of how his body looked and was willing to show it off.


The remarks made by mangement and the rest of the guys directed Nick that he had to lose the weight before the tour started. Management hired a personal trainer and after two months of hard daily work outs, Nick was down to within 15 pounds of his targeted weight loss as directed by management.

Although Nick hated the workouts, there was something that kept him focused.

Something hidden in the medicine cabinet in his bathroom.

Something he could and more than likely would take again once the tour had ended....

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