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Nibiru CD Contest Overview - 2004

"Nibiru" CD Contest Overview 2004



You can win:

  • Front cover on the CD!
  • Full credit for your work, including an email address, website listing, or other contact information so you can promote yourself
  • 20 Promotional Copies of the CD
  • Resale rights for the promotional copies.
  • Promotion on our new website (to be launched in conjunction with the new CD).
  • Our promotions include crediting your work wherever possible/feasible (we cannot control or guarantee what the media will print/say).
  • CD Marketing updates via email
  • Wholesale guarantee for reorders of 1 unit or more (20 CDs = 1 unit), including resale rights
  • Your work is called upon first for upcoming projects to further promote and build your portfolio.
  • Project:

    Nibiru, a modern rock/pop band, is about to release their latest CD,

    "Pornographic Lullabies."

    Itís Not Illusion (2:51), Send Him Away (4:16), I Remember (3:10), Pornographic Lullaby (3:02), Burning Daughter (1:55), Dirty Underwear (4:43), Stephanieís Gone (3:22), If you were here with me (3:26), Scatterbrain Music (4:15), Pissiní in the Parking Lot (2:53), No Philosophy (3:49), Frustrated Temptation (4:33), Death of a Pigeon (.27)

    Erika (3:16), Total time: 46.06

    Band Timeline Summary: A history of proven results.

    Nibiruís history started as a merger of two lead men, one from "Pavlovís Dogs" & the other from "Quarry." Quarryís producer, Hilly Michaels (John Cougarís original drummer, Ian Hunter collaborator, & the 1980-81 Warner Bros. artist with the chart hit "Calling all Girls."). Quarry was discovered by Arista records (1989) & ended up being cut from the labelís budget due to their investment focus in rap music. A 3-song demo produced professionally by Hilly Michaels was the outcome prior to being dropped from the label pursuing. "Pavlovís Dogs" gained popular acclaim as well with heavy rotation on CTís WMRQ 104.1 (then a modern rock station), as well as college radio. Rotation on WMRQ was gained without the major label marketing rep in place. It was self-promotion, along with the merits of the music itself. "Lift a leg" sold over 5,000 copies from the grassroots marketing movement initiated. "Pavlovís Dogs" continued to make a significant mark in the 1990ís with landing a gig as a featured band at the first Earthday at Bushnall Park (1996), an event that features headline acts to this day. Other accomplishments include being picked as one of the top bands in Musician Magazineís best unsigned band competition (1996), as well as Semifinalists in WMRQís Modern Rock Wars (1997). In 1998, they did a showcase performance at the Philadelphia Music Conference. As a result of that performance, Geffen Records sought them out for a demo tape in 1998. The contract was never negotiated to mutual acceptance. In 1998 & 1999 Warner Music Group requested a demo tape - unheard of for an unrepresented band - & Roger Gold, the head of A&R for Warner, advised the band that the music has hit potential, but the lack of an industry known Entertainment lawyer &/or management representation prevented any hope of pursuing the band with a giant such as Warner. The band was forced to change their name due to the fact that it was taken half way around the world. They picked Nibiru (pronounced "ni - beer - oo" - the name of the alleged mystery planet where aliens come from (beyond Pluto). "The name has a lot of folklore and stories built in and we love that" says the band. Now, their current CD is ready. It consists of a collection of songs that has raised the eye of more than one major label as mentioned above. It is a true work, versus a bunch of songs. Fan dedication has been great & this project is the result of that dedication. Now the product, marketing, & distribution is ready. Weíre about to make some noise!

    The Sound: Fan, Local press, & Industry comments:

    A mix of catchy melodies with a bite.

    Modern, yet timeless.

    From the schoolyard to sophistication. Rock with a mature, yet youthful message. Pop may well be back.

    3 dimensional pop is back - solid songwriting versus 2 dimensional 1 hit CD's.

    The Contest:

    The contest launch is a step that collaborates talents and distribution interests. The goal is to brand the CD with a unique story, consisting of a work of art in music, along with unknown art talent from around the world. The contest is open to artists, drawing, painting, photography, etc. Below is an overview of how it will work:


    We handle communication to the contest contestants the way we would want it handled - clear, consistent communication!

    You will receive via email:

    1. Verification of receipt of your submission
    2. Emails letting you know of each step and where you stand
    What about placement in your CD booklet?

    Since we've been approached on this already...

    If you don't win, but love the concept of getting your work out there at no cost, no risk, & promoted by those with past success (with no effort or ongoing costs on your part!!), we may be able to offer you a space in an expanded CD booklet.

    If we discover lots of astounding work, we certainly may want to build a larger booklet and place more work to fill the booklet. If we do, we will need a minimum contribution to co-op the printing. In exchange, however, we would give you your money back in CDs & promotion the same as the contest winner!

    This would only be offered if:

    o We love your work (you cannot just co-op to get your work included, we would offer it to you space permitting)

    o The production cost makes sense, and only

    o If we can offer you your contribution back in CDs at cost, along with promotion and credit.

    Again, we believe in communication and we'll see how this goes. We are honestly trying to make this an overall piece of art that we can promote and achieve the distribution successes like we have in the past.

    CD CONTEST ENTRY/Submission Release Form

    My signature below grants permission for the band known as Nibiru (or any name used in the future) to use my submission/work if I win the contest or if I agree to be included in the CD work known as "Pornographic Lullabies." I understand that, if chosen, my work will appear in public domain. By signing, I also certify that this work(s) are mine and therefore, I am authorized to

    release them. My work can be used in the following manner:

    Please sign after each usage medium:

    CD booklet ________________________________(Signature)

    Nibiru Website _____________________________(Signature)

    Cable, National TV, and promotional spots (international TV will be negotiated prior to promotion due to unique market requirements)


    Local and syndicated Radio spots (promotion, as well as interviews)________________________(Signature)

    The above mediums are for the purpose of promoting their CD titled "Pornographic Lullabies."

    Please print clearly!



    City, State, Zip

    Phone (optional):


    I wish to order a promo copy of the CD for $6.00 postpaid. Please make checks/money orders out to Mike Irwin.

    Mail To:

    Nibiru CD Contest

    PO Box

    Meriden, CT 05460

    OR, you can email your submission (scanned etc.) to

    If you need to mail your submission or talk with us, please send us an email.

    Thanks and Good Luck!