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New Bonhomie Picture Archive

A Picture Gallery For Welsh Band Catatonia

Catatonia Picture Bar

Welcome to the New Bonhomie Picture Archive, an offshoot of Catatonia fansite New Bonhomie. This site has been created to hold all the Catatonia pictures as there was no longer enough space at New Bonhomie to hold them! The pictures have also been reduced in size and spread over a greater number of pages so that the pages should be much quicker to load! :-)

Included here are all sorts of pictures including promotional photos, magazine photo shoots, live gig photos, collages, montages, screenshots and computer art. If you would like to comment on this site or write to me about anything Catatonia related then please feel free to e-mail me.

To navigate the site click on one of the titles on the menu bar to the left. If you're looking for the main New Bonhomie site then click here.