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`-~* journal *~-`

July 3rd - 'ello everyone! this is my new little website thing hope you enjoy it... today was pretty dull and boring but tomorrow proves to be exciting when i go up north to Golden Lake w/ the marlowe's for a 4th of july bash (lots of drunken uncles and cousins talking while me and the rest of the "youngin's" go water tubing and skiing w/ the boat) well its 11:12 pm right now i best be heading off to bed now so goodnight ya'll

July 8th - hey guys, im just waiting for Liska to get his ass over here so we can hang out and i figured i would do a journal thingy. the 4th o' july marlowe style was pretty fun, could be better if my cousin Trent had showed up but driving the boat around was fun too. well, i guess its time to go i think i hear bobbie pulling up in the car so later!

July 22nd - well, polka days was the most interesting yet. big bro ev had about 15+ people at out houes this weekend for 2 days. mostly they sat in the back playin puggy bunny and listening to pete play his guitar... i wish i could have 20 friends over and camp out back for 2 days. also, they went on the wolf river on tubes, and found it in their hearts to bring me along. in some cases i wish they didn't cause hitting your ass on rocks for 2 hours isn't very relaxing, especially if you have a 4 in. plumbers crack going on as i did. well i think i've set a record for the longest journal thingy yet and im satisfyed. later