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On September 17, 2001: My Ruin announced that Meghan Mattox left the band, however, since then she has returned since early 2002, but has left again in late 2003.
  • On January 18th 2002, My Ruin is playing a concert in Hollywood at the Troubadour for Tairrie's birthday. (Happy Birthday Tairrie!) :)
  • Tairrie is going to have her former "Tura Satana" bandmates at the concert. They are going to play some old "Tura Satana" songs like 'Hypocrite', 'Luna', & a few others.
  • Meghan "Metal" Mattox is back with the band as of early 2002, but has again left as of late 2003. Johny Chow has replaced her on bass.
  • There is gonna be a concert for Yael's birthday, it will be on March 23, 2002. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAEL!!!) It will also be the announcement of Meghan's return & also the first time Meghan's been on stage since leaving.
  • My Ruin modeled some "Hot Topic" clothes recently.
  • My Ruin have calendars now.
  • My Ruin are now recording their new current info available yet.
  • "The Horror Of Beauty" & "The Shape Of Things To Come" are now released.
  • My Ruin has their own myspace profiles. Johny
    My Ruin
    The LVRS
    The 'Blasphemous Girl' CD was produced WITHOUT My Ruin's permission. It is from their old music label, but released WITHOUT their permission. Plus, they are no longer with the record label.