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Visual Art
Written Word

Welcome to BrotherHood Productions Company, based out of Vermilion, OH with branch studios in Toledo, Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA. Brotherhood productions is an independent label of multiple media including music, film and written word. Founded in 1999 the brotherhood is young in the marketing scene, but with this youth comes a passion for the arts that is the driving force of the company itself. Founders "Mojo" Riesen and brother "Badmoon" Riesen have taken on a corporate organism where the members of the company themselves all help in the production process. Each artist brings his/her own vision to the table thus enabling Brotherhood productions to release a wide range of ideas and hidden talent into the world aorund. Please feel free to contact the company at anytime and share you ideas or thoughts. Enjoy the site.

BrotherHood Productions has taken on multiple projects this past year including:

Mojo - "Road to the White House"

Schroedinger Equation - "Spin Pair"

Easton High School Steel Drum Band 2005

"Green" Short film

"Siren" Short Film