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Musical Artists

Welcome to Brotherhood Productions (TM) website!. Brotherhood Productions (BHP) is affiliated with Oneonta Entertainment (TM) based out of Vermilion, Ohio with branch studios in Toledo, Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA.

Brotherhood Productions is an independent label of multiple media including music, film and written word.

Founders "Mojo" Riesen and brother "Badmoon" Riesen have taken on a corporate organism where the artists and the members of the company each provide an essential role in the production process.

Each artist brings his/her own vision to the table to enable Brotherhood Productions to release a wide range of ideas and hidden talent into the world around.

Please feel free to contact the company at anytime and share you ideas or thoughts. Enjoy the site.

Be sure to listen to free downloads in the bands section. If you are interested in obtaining any more music or just for contact information, please sign the "GUESTBOOK" or E-mail

We are proud to announce the publication of "The Innocents:The River Lethe Series". For more information click on 'productions' and then 'written word'.

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