Birthplace: N/A

First Concert: I havnt been to one

Hobbies: N/A

Favorite Cities: Las Vegas, Chicago

Favorite Movie: Napolien Dynamite, Dodgeball, Unfaithful

Most Proud Of: N/A

Favorite Book: Harry Potter, lol

Favorite Video Game: Super Mario, Phantasy Star 4

Worst Band You Love: I dont know

Musical Influences

•the beatles
•the doors
•led zeppelin
•pink floyd
•50 cent
•snoop dogg
•lil john
•toby keith
•trace adkins
•emerson drive
•simple plan
•smile empty soul
•green day
•dashboard confessional
•hawthorne heights
•motion city soundtrack
• jimmy eat world
•jason mraz
•relient k
•tenacious d
•ben harper
•josh groban
•bob marley
•kanye west
•linkin park
•gavin degraw
•modest mouse
•franz ferdinand
•taking back sunday
•bowling for soup
•coheed & cambria
•jack johnson
•something corporate
•velvet revolver
•matchbook romance
•the starting line
•senses fail
•story of the year


Stephanie Lutz is the seventh and final member of Mislead Youth. She joined to be the bands piano player. Stephanie is a person who likes to enjoy life. The things she hates most is when people are fake, and posers "JUST BE YOURSELF!!!!!!! people should respect you for who you are and if they don't then they aren't your friend.". In addition to being in the band, she also plays tennis, pool, and she is learning to snowboard. "steph is gangsta".