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01-01-05- Well Its 2005, and Mislead Youth is has offically lasted for half a year, or so. Officially half a year of corrupting the youth of the world. Just kidding. We still need to finish writing our songs. But we should have a single by May, and an album by spring of 2006. Hopefully.

2-22-04- Today we got the final member of our band. Stephanie Lutz agreed to become the piano/ keyboard for Mislead Youth. Now we can play more technical songs, and songs similar to that of AFI, or Boston. Mislead Youth has just jumped up another notch, so watch out, cause soon everyone will be speaking our name.

12-20-04- The old website is done, and though this new site wont be launched for quite some time, the old one is officially finished. you can go there, but its never going to be updated again, so theres no point in going there anymore. We out grew that site, this one is going to be much more interactive and we think youll enjoy it.


Feb 16 - Practice, (Cody, Aaron, Brent)

Feb 21- Practice (Cody, Aaron, Brent)

Feb 23- Practice ( Cody, Aaron, Brent)


Mar 2- Practice

Mar 9- Practice

Mar 16- Practice

Mar 23- Practice