(Brent: 02/19/05): So I went down to Chicago today for the 2005 Chicago auto show went to go see ElGuapo play on the Dodge stage. Wow, they fricken tore it up. They were awesome. They didnt get a whole lot of applause, which is a bunch of BS cause none of those fools in the audience coulda rocked like that. But thats what you get, its America, and no one in the US can appreciate good music anymore, except the people in good bands (like Mislead Youth). The lead singer Mike busted out the mad vocals, and was able to edit the song for the show (cause little kids were there, I say, screw it and sing it, but Id also get kicked out then so it was a smart move to fix it.) by replacing "doing it with porno stars" with "hanging out with movie stars". Listen to their song Pimped out Limousine and youll understand. Any way, back on subject here, Mike and Jordan kept on playin the guitars flawlessly. Brian kept everything goin with clean bass playing, and Chuck E' tied it all together with some awesome drumming. Ryan better be that good or else im gunna be P.O.'. no joke, true story, just playin. But seriously, mayby Im still considered new to the whole concert scene, but I thought ElGuapo rocked, and you should too, cause Mislead Youth thinks so, and what ever we think is right, is. And you dont want to be wrong do you.