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Thursday 5th June, 2003


Glenn gave an update on the album which is scheduled to be released late this year! All the songs are nearly complete and just waiting to be recorded! Metalshock Inc. have been hard at work on their debut album. This is what he said...

"...Yes ladies and gentlemen (Me for the ladies and metal for the gentlemen ^_^) we have been silent over the month of May...or so it seems. To be honest we have been working harder than ever (Myself, Steve and Loxley) after Richard quit...because he found out he was gonna be fired ...BY ME! Anyway I doth have information for thine. The Puppeteer of Shadows album has been changed slightly. Armageddon for the Weak and Hail to the King have been postponed until the next album after Steve and me decided they weren't heavy enough for the album. So for now the line up is as follows (With at least three more songs on the way)...
· No Time For Nothin
· Justifiable Offence
· Puppeteer of Shadows
· Shrapnel
· Unholi Matrimony...Retribution
· Timebomb of Insanity

We did have nine tracks originally but as we said three of them (One untitled) have been dropped from the album since they weren't heavy enough. Over the past month I've been on a spree of good song writing for the album and various other songs and projects to do with the band, and with a little inspiration from ex-bass player Steven Barnes I've added some depth to the album. I'm particularly
happy with Justifiable Offence. The song is heavier and faster than anything we've ever done and has raised the standard of the album up about ten times. It's also the reason we've dropped the ballads until the next album. Whether or not it will have any form of solo is yet to be decided but I'm working on
two solos anyway for both Steve and me and we'll see how it goes. The song is a really good song, which is an expression of anger, hate and revenge, with extremely cuttin it lyrics. Overall this album is a mix of three things: Insanity, Hatred and Possession. I mean the title track; Puppeteer of Shadows is about dictatorship and all that shit but hell...It's much better than the original version now... Anyway we're looking to record Justifiable Offence soon and get it on the site for download (fucken finally!) so keep looking out for that in the media section. Also the pics should be up soon and (Fingers Crossed) I'm hoping we can get a music video done for the song by promises there
though. Also we're on the hunt for a bass player, so if anyone has any clues get in touch with Steve or me...
Well that's about all that needs to be said for now and I just gotta say thanks to all our family and friends supporting Metalshock Inc. and the Puppeteer of Shadows Album. Especially Paul Foster, Loxleys mama (For putting up with us) Chris Tonothy, and I guess Steven Barnes too. Oh
and all the important people I ain't mentioned...So Thanks PiOpLi O_O... Well lates Guys and Gals, Glenn...(I love you I balls ^_^)