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Hey, Welcome To My Metallica Guitar Site!!! First, I'd Like To Tell You A Little About This Page And Why I Created It. I Designed This Page To Be Small On Purpose, In Order To Conserve Space For The Files. The Files Listed Below Are In Windows Media Audio Format. That Means Instead Of You Waiting To Download A Song, It Streams Straight To Your Computer. But Don't Be Scared, It's Not All That Different Than Mp3's And They Might Even Be A Little Better Quality. You Dont Need Any Special Software, I Have The Newest Version Of Windows Media Player Version 7.0, And That Works Fine. All You Need To Do Is Click On The File And It Should Work. If Not, Email Me.

So How Are The Songs Made??? Well, I Use A Recording Program Called Power Tracks That Can Record Real Audio Files And Over Dub Tracks. The Program Also Allows Me To Play Along With A Midi File, All I Do Is Mute The Guitar Tracks, And The Midi Plays The Bass, Drums and Vocal Tracks Along With Any Other Synthesized Instrumets, (Like Bells, Strings, Etc.) While I Record The Guitar Tracks. The Result Is A Sequenced (SEQ) File, And Bingo, One Bad Ass Metallica Song! The Next Best Thing To A Real Band! Now Some Of The Audio Files May Not Have A Midi, That's Because The Current Midis Aren't Correct And Most Of The Ones On The Net Just Plain SUCK!!! You May Also Notice Some Songs Aren't Complete. That Could Be Because Either I Can't Play It, It May Take Too Much Space Or The Midi's Too Bad! After That I Export The SEQ File To A Windows Media Audio File And There Ya Have It! Sound Complicated? Well, Not Really, Just Click The Name Of The Song You Want And Check It Out! Of Course Bigger Files Will Take Longer To Download, Maybe As Much As A Half Hour On A 56k. It's Best If You Have A Cable Line, But They're Worth It! Enough YAP, Go DL The Songs!!! Best When Heard Through A Decent Set Of Headphones!

Metallica Covers
Here's A Link To More Metallica Riffs

Song Title Intro Entirety Midi Size Note
Blackened Yes No No 844Kb *
Bleeding Me No Yes No 4.92Mb I Love This Song! Couldn't Finish It 'Cause The Midi Sucks. If Anyone Out There Has A Full Version, Let Me Know.
Until It Sleeps No Yes Yes 4.93Mb This Song Rocks!! Check Out The Solo!!!
The Memory Remains No Yes Yes 5.22Mb This Song Freakin ROCKS!!! One Of My Best Work, You'll Start MOSHING!!!
Nothing Else Matters Yes yes Yes 8.15Mb Good song, not perfect though. Had mixing issues.

*One Of The Greatest Intro's Ever! As An Interesting Sidenote, Kirk Hammett Was Screwing Around With An Recorder, Just Basically Jamming When He Came Up With This Lick, (Incidently Played With 4 Seperate Guitars) And He Decided To Run It Through A Backwards Tape Loop. It's Actually Played Backwards, Although I Have Played It In The Forward Position. Another Interesting Note, This Song Is Not Written Correctly In The Music Book, So If You Want To Run Out And Play Your Own Version, I Guarantee It Won't Sound The Same. My Friend Has A Limited Edition Of The And Justice For All... Album Where All Guitars Are Included, And The Actual Notes Are Different. The Authorized Guitar Edition By Cherry Lane Only Uses Two.

Here's A Link To Some Other Covers And Clips, Including 3 Doors Down, Nirvana, Bush And Others.

For Those Of You Who May Want To Know, I Have Written Several Short Stories About How I First Got Into Metallica And How I First Started Playing Guitar. Personally, I Think That's Sorta Cheezy. But There's Two Funny Stories That Go Along With It, So That's Why I'm Posting It. The Other Two Stories Are How I Bought My First Guitar And My First Amplifier. Click Here For The Link.

Here's A Link To My Gunslinger Page

Problems Downloading? Wanna Hear A Song? E-Mail Addy

Everything Is Copyrighted İ To Jackson, January 2001. Please Respect My Original Compositions As They Are Copyrighted!!!