Lead Guitar-Matt
Rythm Guitar-Mike
Bass- Andrew
Contact Info

Robert Velte
Date of birth-6/29/86
Received his drums on Christmas of 1999
Favorite four bands are Korn, Project 86, Mercury Faultline, and Blink 182
Favorite food is venison, 

Favorite pop is root beer,

Favorite restaurant is the Mongolian BBQ.
Favorite Radio Station is 94.5 WKLQ
Favorite color is black.

Favorite 2 songs are Faget and shoots and ladders both by Korn.
 Favorite movies are the Matrix, and the fast and the furious..
There is no chicken so neither could come first.
His nick name is fat man
His best friends in the band are Matt, Andrew, Cole and Crotchy.
After High School he wants to go to Med school.
He often uses the words "shibby" and "your mama"
Robby's inspiration is David Silveria
Dating Status is single
Favorite Musical Trademark is Zilijan and Pearl
On stage Robby's trademarks will be his skill and coordination along with his custom drumsticks