Lead Guitar-Matt
Rythm Guitar-Mike
Bass- Andrew
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I feel the pain
creepin up inside
when it comes
I slowly die
Fixin love
to bring me peace
All this hate
I have no means

I feel like i could die
I feel the pain inside
creepin up through my veins
In my blood the Arsenic rains

As I see the picture of my future and fate
I can never find the things I relate
Time keeps tellin that I'm a lie
Why must I keep on givin

Hate You


How'd I let you get inside my head
Fill my brains with evil thoughts of you
Don't get pissed for what you started
It wasn't me, never accuse me!

Why must I
Feel this way
My heart is
Full of hate

You seem mad for what you did
Don't sit there and point your finger at me
No! I can't deny it
That's your trust slippin farther away


You lied to me
I trusted you
So full of hate
Why you


Resonant Compulsions

I lay awake every night
Thinkin bout my messed up life
I try to look deep inside
All I find are dirty lies
Lies that seem to state my life
Shadowed in that evil light
I wil never be the same

I lied to you
When I smiled inside
I run away
Just to make you cry

Standing up in disbelief
hearing rumors about me
Who asked you in my life
I won't let you get inside
In my heart a source of evil
In my brain so full of hate
There inside a picture of you

Dead To You

Families fight in my mind
My mind seems real today
They tell me that they love me
But I know that it's a lie
Why must I have these feelings
Of hatred dark in me
Why must I go through hell
Just so you can see me cry

I know I'm dead to you
But inside I'm well alive
I don't need your love and shelter
Cause she's on my side

Because of your decisions
I live a double life
I would give up anything
To escape the pain in my life
But there is someone who's with me
That keeps me close and near
I hope your well knowing
That you killed, you killed your boy

Chorus x2
End with:
Cause she's on my side, Cause she's on my side

Angered Insomnia

You try to bring me hate
You always debate
Everything that i do right

When I awake, I hope for you
When I am near, I pray for you
Always your gone, I sit in fear
Then you return, you knnow I'm here
Late at night, you call once more
We scream and yell, you say that you're a whore!

When I awake, I hope for you
When I am near, I pray for you


You're out with him, you say that you're just friends
The truth has now come out, this life must end
I ask for reality, but then you lie
You're ditching all of this, for another guy
If you go with him, I hope it's true
But you will always know, that iI was best for you

Pre chorus

I don't know, why you did this
I dont know, just why i cry
Take me from this place, leave this pain
You're stuck at home alne, sobbing in vain

I don't know, just why you did this
I don;t know just why you lie
I have gone and left you here
Hope next time you feel not fear





Evil Games inside, Make for evil ways

These thoughts they to around, Making me insane

I've seen no better days, i have no better ways

I try to move forward but I'm still caught in this game


I'm Sick of all of this 

these dirty games that you play

you better pack your bags

cause I wont let you stay


Now I've seen in you and everything that you do

these bits of pain you've pieced, now I really feel
But I turn my back again blindly to this pain

numbing I still feel deeper then before




One Upon a time, in my little life of hell, I said I didn't need a girl, 

I said I wouldn't Cry, but now that I have you, I know that was a lie,

Cause all that your going for is a little replicating, When I try to tell you things,

You're minds manipulating, but when it's said and done, My day will surely come,

When I see you in the future smokin Whisky, Drinkin up!




The Pain has arrived, I feel it calling

I want to be with her, but I know the rules

But I can not keep myself from falling

Closer and closer to her till I die face down.




I can not take much more of this

I don't want to play these stupid games

I am so sick of all of this

I don't even know why I stay

You treat me so lousy

You aren't even worth my time

I don't know why I put up with this

I don't even need your covers now


You have left me, and I have nothing


You stair at me in disbelief

You treat me as if I were a kid

You are always thinking low of me

You never gave me a chance

I put everything in to this

I Gave you all of my time

I don't know why I put up with this

I don't even need your covers now


You have left me, and I have nothing


This is slowly coming to an end

I don't think that this is for the best

You don't think that this is a gift

This is everything that I wished,

I am so sick of all this pain

You are always thinking we don't gain

I don't know why I put up with this

I don't even need your covers now


You have left me, and I have nothing


I need you


Running Away Running Away I don't need this


I have left you and you have nothing X2 (at all)




2001 Mercury Faultline