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I'm going to skip all introductions for right now and get right to the point. I made this site because it seems as if all the fan fic sites have gone dumb.
I haven't really gotten the hang of HTML yet so until I learn more this will be just a basic site with all my stories. Now, if you want to stop me from yammering on and on and on... (Trust me, I can be very long winded.) just scroll down the page and you'll see a list of all my fics (with summaries). Just point and click.

The Beginning Of The End

They come from two different worlds, but are so in love. Will they get passed all the obstacles that are throw in their way (mainly her father) or will it be the beginning of the end.


Does Benji find Maggie? Why did she leave him so suddenly? Find out now.

Time After Time

Who is this strange girl Billy keeps dreaming about and why does he feel this overwhelming need to protect her?


"Sleeping left me vulnerable and I couldn’t be vulnerable whenever HE was around. Or whenever there was ever even a slight possibility HE was going to show up."

Winter Isn't Always A Bad Thing

She finally found someone who neither knows nor cares about her sister, but is really who he says he is?

It Can Happen {Standalone}

Just a short story based on a dream I had. I didn't know what to name it, but came up with this title somehow.