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Name: Max Kerr

Instrument/Gear: Bass, Vocals


ESP LTD B-304 - currently all standard parts

The Rhino Bass - defretted 4 string Gretsch Electromatic w/ a Fender J pickup… A work in progress,

Fender Mexican P-Bass - currently all standard parts

Half Stack - Peavey Centurion Head Going into a homemade cab w/ the standard Fender BassMan speakers

Practice Amps – SWR LA series 60 watter, Vintage Ampeg Tube Amp I fixed up

Favorite LPQ Song: "10 Reasons" because of autobiographical significance.

Musical Influences: At the Drive-In, The Cure, The Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Sound Garden, RATM, Smashing Pumpkins

Warped Tour, Oz Fest, or Sanitarium?: Warped Tour

Favorite Food and Color: Purple for Both

How Long Have You Been Single?: Almost 2 years

Quote About LPQ:
"I think our music has deeper meaning then most emo nowadays. Its like fuck it man. Don’t listen to the music listen to the fucking noise the music makes."