- Which hairstyle do you prefer?
Mowhawk all the way!
Dyed blue.
Spiked up!
Mullets ROCK!
naturally flamin' red.
Short and sweet.

- What would you do if you saw a spider?
Scream and run away, I don't want to get bitten again.
Pick it up in a paper towel and put it in Chester's bed. (Again.)
Do froggies eat spiders?
No, they like only eat like flies dude.
Spider? Where?

- What's your favorite color?
Bleach blonde... that's yellow, right?
Froggie green!
Like, blue, you know...
Orange... I'm actually a kinda perky guy.

- How often do you grab/touch other people in their privates?
All the time. They call me "the molester."
I only molest Chester.
Maybe the almighty froggie...
Right like I'm some kind of pervert like Chester!
Um... never?
*shakes head*

- What do you think about God?
Scott Weiland? He's cool.
I don't want to give religious advice to some kid.
Remy thinks so too.
Like, why don't you like ask what I like think about like Yahweh?
God's an OK guy.

- How gay are you?
I made out with Scott Weiland! Hell Yeah!
I'm only gay with Chester.
Gay? Remy is not gay!!!
Being gay is like against my religion!!
Yeah, I'm not gay... Seriously, I'm not! I swear!
*shakes head again* I'm Jewish.

-what do you think about pop music?
STP isn't pop... So I don't care.
Um...you can't have snobbery in music.
Ha. Remy thinks pop music is stupid.
I love my Britney Spears.
What kind of pop? *N'Sync, Backstreet, Britney, Shakira? What?

I don't need porn, I'm married.
I don't like porno, I like graphics!
Animal Planet...froggies!
Is it Britney Spears?
As long as it's male-female... None of that gay stuff.
I just read the articles. *raises eyebrow*

-respond to this statement: ass.
I'll show you my ass!
I put my fat ass on a table............
I have a nice ass!
it's, like, for pooping, right?
aww, don't make fun of Joe's ass!
you said ass!

-speaking of asses, would you show your ass in public?
Yeah I'm the assmaster!
...I wouldn't inflict that on anybody!
I'm not like Chester!
Dude, like, no!
Um... no?
I live on a bus!

- How do you feel about animal rights?
They have the right to decorate my room!
Oh shit, it's Keiko!
Don't disrespect the almighty froggie!
I don't eat pigs.
Hey, pigs taste good.
Animals are cool.

-Which soft drink flavor do you enjoy most?
mellons...lots of mellons!
green apple, of course.
the froggie flavor, duh.
like any kind as long as it's like kosher.
hold me, I'm scared!!!
hehe, you said mellons!

-say you were famous. how would you feel about that?
Are you sure?
I'm famous?!
Of course Remy is famous.
famous? do mean like Britney Spears?
It's a necessity, really.
If you say so...

(Coding tricks stolen from the beatle test, stolen from somebody else, probably stolen from somebody else.)