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Who are The Bee Gees?

The Bee Gees are three brothers: Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb; three outstanding
songwriters, singers, producers and musicians. In the music business for over 40 years and
with world-wide record sales exceeding 175 million, they are in the top five of the
most successful recording artists of all time.

Members Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb first married an Australian girl called Maureen Bates in 1966. The marriage
did not last long, and on Sep 1, 1970 he married Linda Ann Gray (born May 11,
1950). They have five children, four boys and a girl. Their two eldest boys -Stephen and
Ashley- got married in November 2002. Their first grand-daughter -Stephen's child-
was born on December 27 2002, and their first granson -Ashley's child- on December 28, 2003.

Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb married Molly Hullis in 1968. They had two children: Spencer David (Sept 21, 1972)
and Melissa Jane (Jun 17, 1974).

Maurice Gibb

Maurice Gibb married the British singer Lulu in 1969. Four year laters they split, and on Oct
17, 1975 Maurice married Yvonne Spenceley (born on Sept 24, 1950). They have two
children: Adam Andrew (Feb 23, 1976) and Samantha Amanda (Jul 2, 1980)
Other Members ALAN KENDALL Full Name: Alan Kendall Date of birth : unknown Place of birth: Darwen England Instrument's played in Bg's band : Guitar Other instrument's he can play:Pedal steel guitar Previouse bands : Dozens BEN STIVERS FULL NAME; Benjamin Edward Stivers Date of birth: May 23rd, 1968 Place of birth: Indianapolis, IN Instruments played in BG's band: Keyboards Other instruments he plays: played violin and trombone as kid, don't play them anymore Previouse bands: noone worth mentioning MATT BONELLI Full Name: Matthew J Bonelli Date of birth: August 12, 1954 Place of birth: New York Instruments played in Bg'S band: Fretted and Fretless Bass Other instruments played: guitarand drums Previouse bands: Buzwords, Kynch O' Kaine

The Bee Gees: Biography In Brief

by Terri Bridge

Barry, Maurice, and Robin Gibb---together as brothers all their lives, and as a singing
group nearly as long. Their career began when the three gathered in a bedroom in
their home in Manchester, England, and began working out the natural harmonies which
today are one of the hallmarks of the Bee Gees' sound. They worked these out so well
that their mom believed her sons' harmonizing was actually a radio playing in the next room.
Father Hugh Gibb, a bandleader in his own right, and mother Barbara Gibb, a former
professional singer, knew their sons possessed special talents. Maurice has said that their
dad envisioned them as a children's version of the Mills Brothers, an American
family quartet extremely popular in England and the US from the
thirties through the sixties. The Mills Brothers were known for their tight, beautiful
harmonies. So it was then that the Rattlesnakes (Barry, age 9, and Robin and Maurice,
age 6) began performing at the local Manchester, England, cinemas between
films. A little later, they began calling themselves "Wee Johnny Hays and the Blue
Cats", though no one seems to remember exactly why! In 1958, Hugh and Barbara decided to
look for "greener pastures" (and warmer climates!). They moved the entire family (now
comprised of Hugh and Barbara, and older sister Leslie, Barry, Robin, Maurice, and
baby brother Andy) to Australia, settling in the Brisbane area.

Latest News!

On December 28 at 12:30 PM, Ashley and Terese became the proud parents of little
Maximus John Crompton Gibb, who weighed in at 6 pounds. He'll be called Max, and while
there were a few complications and Max was three weeks early, he's doing fine now, and
Terese is well on the mend as well. They are at home, and if you wish to send a
card, please send to Ashley and Terese at 6538 Collins Avenue, PMB #379, Miami Beach,
FL 33141 USA. Max adds to a long line of births at this time of the year---
Robin and Mo on Dec 22, cousin Nina on Dec 27, Aunt Ali on Dec 29, and Uncle Travis on
Jan 10!

The hits and history of the Bee Gees.

New York, NY —Just in time for the holidays, Eagle Rock Entertainment presents the hits and
history of the Bee Gees with the release of Bee Gees: Collectors Edition. This
specially packaged 2 DVD set features the amazing biographical program Official Story,
as well as the sensational performance One Night Only. The collection features
full live performances of “Massachusetts,” “Night Fever,” “More than a
Woman,” “Heartbreaker,” “Tragedy,” “Jive Talkin’,” “Grease,” “Stayin’ Alive” and many
more, as well as guest appearances by Celine Dion and Frankie Valli. Bee Gees:
Collectors Edition 2 DVD Box Set will be available December 9, 2003 for $24.98. This
program has a running time of 220 minutes.

Official Story is the fully authorized story of the Bee Gees told in their own words. The
brothers Gibb paint the picture of the road taken from singing in their room as children
through all of the successes that have helped make them the second best selling group of
all time. One Night Only is the smash 1997 performance in which the Bee Gees not only
perform all of their hits, but they also perform hits that they wrote for other artists
(which, naturally, went on to be chart toppers). Among the highlights in this show
are “Islands in the Stream”, “Our Love (Don’t Throw It Away)” (a special duet with late
brother Andy Gibb), along with “Immortality”, which features a guest appearance by
Celine Dion.

Eagle Rock Entertainment develops, acquires and produces music programming for a wide range
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