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It was not the beginning but a beginning none the less.....
The story so far.... It all started in June 2000 In the small town of Woodstock when Jon Mccutchen met Luke Mcintyre and they started playing together. They played some covers and wrote "Burn it down",they then set out to find a bass player and get a band officialy started.Enter Adam Cox, Jon had played with Adam in a few bands in the past and asked him to join.They continued writing more songs and played a couple shows at their highschool.In November of 2001 the band was sick of not being able to get any gigs so Adam decided to put on his own show! Stop Pop featured 8 bands(Word of mouth,Tracer,Pedestrian X,etc..) and had a turn out of about 450 people!Lanfear put on a great performance and the everyone agreed the whole show was good. The band went through a few lineup changes and added another guitarist/singer for a few months.The band was however broken up for a few months when Jon moved to Stratford and went to college.Well Jon dropped out of college and bought a stack amp and played lead guitar for a band from chatham for a few months.After some creative differences and other issues Jon quit or was kicked out(no one quite knows for sure).Jon realizewd that the place he belonged was kicking ass with Lanfear and so he talked to Adam and they decided to get the band back together,So what does the future hold for Lanfear?One can only speculate,but hopefuly lots of gigs, more songs and a demo/c.d recorded.


The Band

JON MCCUTCHEN: Guitar/vocals

ADAM COX: Bass/vocals