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Konstant Rainy Day

The band "Konstant Rainy Day" was founded 8/8/04 and consists of Jess "Valkyri" Marshfield and Jessie "Emo Kid" Lanvi. The original idea was only a collaboration of two artists for the song "Forever and a Day" but as the process of collaboration moved forwards, they decided to go for a sort of "over the internet" band. the only downside being the lack of ability to play live shows. Lanvi, of course, plays acoustic emo among other styles combined with it, and Valkyri, plays acoustic folkrock.through blending thier two styles and combining forces to write lyrics and music in general, the band was formed. The plan they keep at heart as of now is to keep writing and eventually, have an album under the band name "Konstant Rainy Day". until the cd comes out you can hear samples of Konstant Rainy Day's music by contacting Valkyri at screen name "celticguitarist1". songs available to sample: -Forever and a Day

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