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The title of Justify's first CD will be YOLAWIGO

YOuth LAboring WIth GOd


Living My Life

 I want to look up on your face

I want to see the truth in your eyes

I want to know your love and grace

I want to Pray to you All My Life


Living My Life, One day at time

Looking for Love, the Love of God

Living my Life, for Jesus Christ

Living in Him, All My Life


I want to see you ascent from heaven

I want to be Free, Free from Sin

I want to tread the streets of Gold

I want to Praise you all my life


Living My Life, One day at time

Looking for Love, the Love of God

Living my Life, for Jesus Christ

Living in Him, All My Life


I need You in my Life

Sometimes when your not around

My life is so upside down

When your not there

Your in my prayer


I need you in my Life

To walk at my side

I need you as my light

To help guide me in my life


When I am looking up

And you are looking down

It seems though right now

I see you calling me now


I see those pearly Gates

With you standing in the way

You look at me in awe..

And say,  Enter in this way


Godís Great Love

 Oh God, your love, your love is good to me

Your love is good to meÖ.

Oh Lord, My God, My God cant you see

My God wont you save meÖ



When I walk around

I know there is nothing Greater than your Love

It is true

Nothing More I want from you


Stand up, for you, Stand up for you

I will stand up for you

Your love, Its True, you love is very true

Thatís all I want from you


Na na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na na

Your love is Good to me

Na na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na na

Your love is Good to me


The Answer to All

Iím all alone, and Iím crying out loud

I took a walk to calm things down

I went back home and the problems not solved

I went to prayer and now my worry is gone


I tried to fix, all my problems my self

That did not work because I had no help

I went to prayer and God told me

To leave my problems at his feet



I bow down every night and day

To talk to God, as I pray

You cannot fix all the problems yourself

Rely on Him, to help you out

Prayer is the answer to all

Your problems so get down on your knees

Heíll help you out whenever you need it

So ask him and you will receive


I tried and tried to get some help

But all my friends, they left me out

But there is one who will never betray

Jesus Christ, Heíll help you out


They all left, now Iím by myself

Wait no Iím not I have Jesus Christ

I pray to him, in time of need

He will not leave Heíll help me out


Forgiven Sin

Wake up every morning again

Having no repentance for my sin

I look around and what do I see

I see an angel looking back at me


I look at him he looks at me

A tear in his eye is what I see

He turns his head in shame of my sin

When he turns his head I get down on my knees


I feel a burden I feel the pain

The pain of a broken heart

Of my unforgiven sins

Sin knocked me down

And God helped me up

Now Iím thankful for his loving son


Tears of happiness stream down my face

The feel of joy and his everlasting grace

The joy of salvation the joy of his love

Now Iím saved by my God above.


Until the end 

When the world makes me sad

Jesus Christ makes me happy

He forgave me of my sins

Just like he said he would


The world laughs at me

But I just try to ignore them

Theyíll regret all their sins

And I know that this is true



Today he is with me

And tomorrow until the end

There is never a time

He ignores me

A true friend until the end

He gave his life

He takes our sins

He lives with me until the end

I kneel down to talk him

He touches me until the end


2000 years ago

Jesus Christ proved his love

He took away all our sins

He makes this a better place


He will never go away

He is here all the time

He is love and love is good

A true friend until the end


Left Behind


I see the world pass me by

they were left behind

They walk around without a clue

Not knowing what to do

I see them crying in the distance

I close my eyes to block it out

I feel the pain of the people

Of the sinners that were left out



He could come at any moment

He could come at any time

Even if youíre ready

If youíre not youíre out of time

Why take the chance

And not go with everyone else

Be with the Christian people

Who will not be left out


Imagine all the people

Theyíre all shouting out

A wifeís mother and her child

Are now out of sight

The old lady next door

And the preacher down the road

Theyíve all gone to heaven

And you have been left out


Imagine all the people

Imagine all the strife

The ones who will be gone

And the ones who are left behind

You knew it was coming

Yet you ignored it all the time

Now youíre regretting

Your lifeís past