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The band started out with just Chase and Roger, who has been like brothers ever since they were little.

They have been just talking about getting something together.  Michael was currently trying to get

a band started at his college and gave up.  After Michael decided to give up his search he found out that 

his friends Chase and Roger were wanting to get a band together.  For several months nothing happened, Its hard

to find people who can play that wants to play Christian music.  

In the Summer of 2002, at Camp YOLAWIGO, The three decided they wanted to play a song for the church 

that night.  They picked out a song and practiced it a couple times and realized that they needed a bass player.

Willie who was laying down on one of the back pews shouted out "I'll do it." Even though he has never touched

a bass guitar in his life Michael decided to pick up his bass and teach Willie how to play their song. 

Teddy, who was also at the camp, said that he wanted to play because the song was one of his favorites. 

The four of them did not disagree and they had a few quick practices to get it down.

 Even though there first time of playing in front of people was on the same day that the band got together

and had their first practice they did extremely well.  The Next day they wanted to play again, but that night 

they played a song that Roger, Chase, and Michael wrote: Living My Life.   

After that church camp the new band "Justify" decided that they were going to actually try to start a movement.

They will start  playing for the public, and spreading God's Words through music.