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Human Zoo Studio Services Available

Human Zoo is a group of musicians, for musicians. Yes, we have lots of gear with fancy flashing lights. A really neat-o mixing board, huge speakers and guitar amp stacks. No big deal. I learned a long time ago, good music has little to do with cool gear. Some of the greatest recordings were made on 4 or 8 track machines. With the boy band decade, there isn't such attention paid the hereto named brick and mortar music on which I grew. After 20 years of touring and recording I've arrived at the conclusion that I'm not in it for the money, but for the music. Of my travels and life, I attach no more professional pride than that of my catalogued recordings - Jeffrey Scott

Tascam/Alesis 36 x 8 x 2 Console
Tascam '1/2" Tape Maching
Pro Audio 8, 256 Track Digital Recorder
Lexicon F/X
Behringer Compression
Kurzweil Piano
Cadd & Shure Mics

For studio bookings or to hire a producer.
Human Zoo Studio
36 SW Cabana Point Cir
Stuart, Florida 34994

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