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Jeffrey Scott

Lead Vocals - Piano - Guitar

Jeffrey Scott began songwriting and performing in 1979. Since then, he has published more than 40 songs on several labels as a songwriter or performer. In 1990 Jeffrey moved to Budapest, Hungary to work with some of the world’s most talented musicians. This is where he cut his teeth on production and fine-tuned his songwriting skills. During his four-year stay in Europe, Jeffrey recorded, produced and toured constantly. Making a 17 city concert tour of Europe gave him his first taste of the “don’t even have to set up your own gear” side of live performing. As a hired pen, Jeffrey has written some very successful music for other artists. The European Pop act “Viki and Flirt” took Jeffrey’s songs to the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo, and was invited to take the stage at the Cannes MIDEM Stars of Tomorrow extravaganza. For the rock act Edda Muvek, Jeffrey wrote and produced the 12 song CD “Fire and Rain” which earned a gold record in Central Europe. In 1998 Jeffrey formed the band “the Human Zoo”, which toured the South Eastern United States with some of the current song line-up. In 2001 Jeffrey moved to South Florida to establish a fixed recording studio and Human Zoo Records. With all pieces in place, Jeffrey and Micky Barba began forming the Jeffrey Scott Band...

Jeffrey’s Discography
“Direct from Budapest” recorded by Viki and Flirt
“Fire and Rain” recorded by Edda Muvek
“Castles in the Sand” recorded by Karina
“Send in the Goons” recorded by Force 10
“Fiery Night” recorded by Viki and Flirt
“You the Sky and I the Sea” by Jeffrey Scott
“Sunday Afternoon” by the Human Zoo

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