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Jeboa Pictures

Here's a picture of Alex and Dave jamming.

Here's the band (minus Alex) on the stage at Alex's house.

These are pictures from the 7-28-01 show:

These are Alex's personal trademark, which absolutely everyone noticed.

This is the day of the show with the band in a soundcheck.

This is the stage once set up for the show.

Here, Alex and Charles are playing "All Along the Watchtower."

Another picture from 7-28-01, Alex looking cool.

Here, Charles looks cool.

Here is Scott, who unfortunately was not very visible at this show.

Here is Dave playing with enthusiasm.

This is the band playing "All Along the Watchtower" to close the set.

Here, Dave and Scott are washing their feet after the show.

The next two images give you an idea of what the February sessions were like...

Here's some multimedia content for you:

Video Clips

Scott checking his drums with "Today" playing in the background.

Intro to Wide Open Intro used at 7-28-01

Wide Open (1) A part of our song, "Wide Open"

Wide Open (2) Another clip of "Wide Open"

In The Distance The beginning of our song, "In The Distance"

MP3 Tracks

Wide Open As played acoustic by Alex and Charles at Gulf Beach on 8-25-01.

Airplane Acoustic version from 8-25-01

December Acoustic from 8-25-01

Mary Jane's Last Dance The Tom Petty cover from 8-25-01

All Along the Watchtower From 8-25-01.

Sweet Home Alabama - 8-25-01 Back