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Eric's Place

I built this website as an expieriment... It's working so far. I can read the words I typed.

I'm going to dedicate this page to my special friends. Mandy and Marcin.

You're so beautiful... everybody hates you... You're so wonderful... but nobody wants you... You are doomed to die... Bleeding here all alone... You're a work of art... The mona lisa of my soul...

SLIPKNOT SlipKNOT SLIPknot slipknot

My hobbies include: Lacrosse (goalie), Shooting, Honors student (not really that important to me), and hanging out with my friends online

My Bands Include: SLIPKNOT duh,Otep Linkin Park and Evanescence

My dream instrument is a B.C. Rich Ice Acrylic Warlock

My Poetry

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Ice Acrylic Guitars

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Ma' Lil Sexy

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