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07/21/03: Thanks to everyone who showed up this past Saturday at Lucy's. It was a fuckin bad ass show. Special thanks to Jon from Darling Sinister for giving us the opening slot. Also, we just got our tickets for our Battle of the Bands show coming September 7 in Austin at The Vibe. And this is going to be the Finals so we need everyone's support. If you want to buy a ticket, just contact one of the members in the band. Our next show is at Klub Amnesia in San Antonio on Friday August 8 and we go on at 9:00. Check out the shows page for more info. Mike

07/13/03: Great News, to everyone who came out to the Lucy's show, we thank yall for making it a success for us because we got booked for another Battle of the Bands show happening Sunday, September 7 in Austin at The Vibe. We appreciate it very much. We'll keep you posted for more info as the show gets closer. Mike

07/9/03: Just confirmed, we're gonna be playing with Subject:Defect, Darling Sinister, and Bud at Lucy's on the Square in San Marcos on Saturday, July 19. We go on first so get there early. For more information, go to the shows page. Mike

07/9/03: Whats up, thanks to everyone who came out and supported us from New Braunfels, San Antonio, Seguin, San Marcos, and Austin this past Sunday at Lucy's. It was a bad ass show. Thanks to those who bought tickets in helping us get a good slot. There are some shows coming up but we'll keep you posted when they're confirmed. Latz, INDISGUST

06/7/03: We would like to say thanks to Rene for letting us play at his party, it was bad ass. And thank you to everyone who came to check us out. Mike, Zack, Chris

06/3/03: whats up guys, we'll be selling tickets for the show at lucys on sunday july 6 for 8 bucks so contact one of us to get tickets before the day of show or pay the day of the show at lucys, its a battle of the bands, so the winner is judged by the crowds reaction. The show is from 4:30 to 11:00, so get your fuckin ass's out there and support. As for the party on friday contact mike for info and directions. Zack

05/22/03: Whats up everybody, sorry we havent been able to keep you updated, we are currently taking time off to write new music and to get our cd's printed, we are hoping to start playing shows again by mid/late June, hope to see everybody soon, keep checking back for updates.

04/27/03: What's up, We would just like to say thanks to everyone who came out and supported us this past Friday at the rabbit. Hope everybody likes our cd. If not, tell your friends about it who you think who would like it. We will be taking May off so Rogelio can recover from his injury and so we can work on the artwork and labels for our ep. Then we will be back out on the road in June and kicking everybody's ass. Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for more upcoming news. Mike

04/24/03: Hey everyone, Rogelio will not be playing tomorrow night's gig at The White Rabbit due to an injured knee but we're still playing and Zack will be handling all the guitars, Mike

04/22/03: We just recorded our debut EP with Keith Krouse who used to play for Hemlock. We spent mostly all day this past Saturday doing the recording process and it was well worth it. We will be handing out our cd's after we play this Friday at The White Rabbit. Our final mastering EP should be done later this weekend and we will be selling them at a very low price. Come check us out!!! -Mike Fury-