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Indisgust Biography

Coming from a small town in Texas, these talented musicians have what it takes to show everyone that they're not like anyone else out in the scene. With self confidence, motivation, courage, and discipline makes this band show their blood, sweat, and tears. Making this music of brutality, they know they can impress and shock music fans around the world and even themselves. Indisgust is ready to go out there in kick everybody in the fucking face. Having blast beats, melodic guitar parts, heavy breakdowns, and aggresive vocals show no need for a bass player makes this band brutal enough for metal and hardcore fans. Influences like God Forbid, Shadows Fall, Unearth, Terror, Cannibal Corpse, and The Dillinger Escape Plan will surely make this band go somewhere. Formed in October of 2000, singer Chris Martinez and lead guitarist Rogelio Vigil were in a band called Primal Pain. Rogelio left the band in April of 2002. He even thought about giving music a rest. Then the group had broken up the next month. Drummer Michael Arellano was also in a band called Cause of Death, which was formed in early 2002. Later in the year, things didn't work out for the band. Soon enough, he got together with his long time friend Zack Ulloa who played guitar and started jamming. On the other hand, Chris was interested in getting together with Michael and Zack. So one day, Michael confronted Chris about jamming and the singer's response was "FUCK YEAH!!." When Chris, Michael, Zack got together for the first time, it clicked. But they realized someone else was missing to complete the band. So they all right away thought of Rogelio Vigil. The group asked him to join and he was interested. Then after joining forces together, there was Indisgust and the mayhem continues from there.

Michael Arellano

"Mike Fury"