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Jump To Jesus


I would like to talk about Decisions we make many every day. Im not a precher im a student going to a local high school and i have strong faith. Faith i hope to show you. We make many decisions every day what your gonna wear when you go to bed when you eat etc..... But the most important Decisions youll ever make is to find the lord. You see Satan was a beatiful angel and he had every thing but the only thing was he was jelous and was casted to complete darkness and that darkness was earth. As this happened he corrupted Eve to eat off the tree of knowledge and life and as she did she told her husband as he did so too. The point i am trying to make to you is simple and short as you read this make the right Decisions and find Jesus hes their and is very much in my heart and he can be in yours just as much.

Please follow god

10/6/04-10/8/04 - This is for today thru friday-Giving thanks always for all things unto GOD and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...
Summary- Give thanks to your god and he will give thanks to you