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Lonelier Than Night The Sky Is Red Which Way's The Road? Innocence At The Ways That You Are

Which Way's The Road?
Lyrics: Derek | Music: Derek/Bob/Maunee

Verse# 1:
Like the quickness of sand
She was sifting through my hands
Just to meet you I’d travel the tundra lands.
Oh, just to meet you.

Women Oh,
The one that I wanted
Turn on your lighthouse to guide me through uncharted

Show me which way’s the road
Where do I go?
To find me my perfect girl.
Which way’s the road?
Where do I go
From here?

Verse# 2:
Vintage Rose
Your hand in my hand
Distance grows the more I think about you
Oh you.

As if you knew
As if you’d find out
I wanted to tell you
I wanted to scream and shout
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.




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