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Band Biography

     The origin of The Hemlock End can be told by many personal points of view, according to each member’s musical experiences. Drummer, Maunee George II, and bassist, Bob Hartle, both from similar backgrounds, began jamming together at the beginning of their freshman year at Duquesne University. At the same time guitarist, Derek Gianola, who also enrolled in Duquesne, had visions in creating a super group. He already had much experience for a musician of his age, having been in a recent group known as Nemo. What he needed was a fine selection of other experienced and talented musicians that could fulfill his ambition. Derek worked hard trying to find these missing pieces. Rather it was because of musical differences or lack of commitment, he was dissatisfied with the other musicians he tried out. Finally on one lonely fall night, the paths intertwined. Bob and Derek found themselves outside talking with one another about their past band experiences. They decided to jam and share musical ideas. As the night wore on and the clock counted one, the two of them could not believe what they were hearing. Bob called up Maunee to have him listen to the chemistry that was being created. The two of them were currently signed up to participate in the annual Duquesne Ballroom talent show. They invited Derek to join them. So he accepted. Maunee and Derek, having not even played with one other, went on stage two nights later for the talent show. The three of them went up there with only a little idea of what to perform; scales in the key of E. Bob and Derek plugged their instruments in and Maunee manned his position. As Bob began thumping the first notes, Maunee supplied the fury, then Derek began to wail. From then on it was all smiles. Derek knew he had crossed between two extraordinary musicians that resembled perfection. The trio won second place, only to a crowd favorite dance group, and received $75. The Hemlock End was born.

     Soon they began rehearsing and building up archives of original material. And the advantage of the material? Everyone writes. And the advantage of the experience? Everyone is a leader. At the time Derek was handling vocals. Unlike guitar, he was very new to singing and could not feel much comfort doing it. They found themselves playing one show in December at the Penn Kenn Battle of the Bands. They won. Brought back $40. This achievement boosted their confidence because they were competing against bands that had been together for a couple of years. Some of those bands even participated in the same event before. The Hemlock End had only five practices before the show. They were labeled as a super trio by the judges.

     The group was more than well-rounded in every direction, except singing. Along came Mike Gornick. Like the rest, Mike also attends Duquesne. Having gone to the same high school, he and Maunee knew each other for years but never seemed to discover each others talents. Usually, bands make mistakes by half willingly excepting the first musician they try out, but Mike was an exception. As he grasped from his stomach, his notes carried throughout the practice room. Lights opened and eyes lit. He was not just invited into the group, but automatically assumed that he would join.

     Now The Hemlock End is ready. What lies ahead of them is unknown but looks bright. What ever it is, they must not show weakness in any aspect. They must concur.

     So maybe if you lay back for a moment, it will come to you. What you are trying to accomplish is not enough. It is what you will accomplish. It may be everyone’s dream to flourish in the rock business, but only those that believe it, pursue it, seize to see signs of defeat, and love it will succeed.



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