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Lonelier Than Night The Sky Is Red Which Way's The Road? Innocence At The Ways That You Are

At The Ways That You Are
Lyrics: Derek | Music: Derek/Bob/Maunee

Verse# 1:
I went up to
Your place
To see my pictures on your face.

Your smile lights up
The night sky
Dreaming of another time.

Oh why
You so kind to me
See things in me others don’t see.

And why do you
Listen to me
To hear my words respectively.

I won’t look back too far
At the ways that you are.

I can’t escape this feeling I’ve got inside
From you
And the ways that you are.

Verse# 2:
The thoughts are
And I don’t know what to think.

The sweetest
Flower known to thee
Must be too sweet for me.

But what is it?
A seasoning
Sometimes feelings have no reasoning.

And to you
To your status
To your status, I’m just another flee.


Middle part:
You want to come with me?
To this other world of mine.
Are you sure you’re ready?
But I don’t know if I’m……

We’ll leave it right at that
As though we’ve always had.





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