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1980. A sad year for Rock n' Roll. Lohn Lennon and John Bohnam, both dead less then three months apart from each other. More important (or at least most signifigant to this website) was the death of arguably, the heaviest, most talented drummer the world has ever seen. it was this month, September. September 25th. 5 days before my birthday on a more personal note. There is actually some contreversy about the day he died. I have read several things and 60% say it was the 25th, 40% say it was the 20th. But as far as I'm concerned, it's the 25th. He had spent the night at Jimmy Page's mansion after a rehersal party and some heavy drinking. He went to sleep in the guest room, never to awake again.
Death by misadventure, it was called. Death by asperation is what it actually was (Asperation is a medical term for the unconsious chocking on one's vomit). Ex AC/DC frontman Bon Scott suffered the same fate some seven months before (another reason that 1980 was such a sad month for Rock n' Roll) and John Lennon was shot by a crazed fan that December. John Henry Bohnam was born May 31st, 1948 to Jack and Joan Bohnam in Redditch, Worchestershire. He was convinced by Robert Plant to join The New Yardbirds, as they were first called, as he was already playing for established players such as Tim Rose. He then dazzled the musical world with his unordinarily heavy drumwork and his mystical, but unappreciated writing skills. I have yet to see a chronicle book, television program, magazine or radio station give any mention of his tragic death, he was ranked as the third most famous drummer ever (next to Ringo Starr and Phil Collins). Though some may have yet to forgive him for being the cause of the world's greatest hard-rock band to break up his spirit resides in every heart of every fan.
-David Bass
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