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This is a site where u will find all u need about Green Day
Im hoping that after a wile i will have other band info on bands such as
Bad Religion ,frustrators,AFI and Pinhead Gunpower
Feal Free to tell ur friends about this site
PUnk ROck Fan,
Mike T.
PS:Green Days new cd its hear yea yea yea!!!!!

got my New cd what bout u????
3 More Days Till Green Day's NEW CD hits stores!!!!!
Added Mids & songs to Main & all bios .
Main-The Grouch(wrote by BJ)(mid)
On Bille Joe's Bio-Basketcase(wrote by BJ)(mid)
On Mike D's Bio- J.A.R(wrote by MD)(mid)
On Tre C's Bio- Dominated Love Slave (wrote by TC i think)(mid)
MY Bio(webmaster)-A new green day song.(song)
O yea Happy birthday Gina!!!!!

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