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The story Go By Bus

I, Aaron/Guido, had only been playing guitar for a few months and was anxious to start a band. One day in school I was talking to my friend josh who played drums about forming a band. He immediately loved the idea, but who would play bass for us? I had just recently met Brett and knew he played bass. I nervously asked him if he wanted to join a band. And Brett answered the same way he does everything else, "yea, whatever." That was in December of 2000. The band never actually practiced until January of 2001. The first "get together" was a flop. It ended up all 3 of us just chilling and barely practicing. I had busted my new amp and Brett had a shitty guitar amp. I remember we videotaped that practice. It was rather funny; us trying to play "ice ice baby" and josh asking how to say stop (he meant how do you turn the video camera off). We somehow, I don't know when, lost the tape. It was bad footage of us playing but good footage of Josh doing stupid shit. He put balloons up his shirt and tried to hitch a ride. That’s how he got the nickname "Tit." (If anyone has that tape I want it back)(Fucker). (Josh was later nicknamed Chaud because… I don’t know it had to do something with Canadian chocolate.) So for the next 7-months we practiced maybe once a month. I don't remember what songs we played. I think we played Weezer’s Undone. When school started in the fall of 2000 we decided that we wanted to start practicing more. THE FIRST GO BY BUS ORGINAL WAS BORN! Just A Kid. I wrote both the music and the words. Then we got invited to play at the Jr fashion show. What an adventure. That’s where we started to cover Barbie Girl and the Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop and the one AND ONLY time we ever covered the Mad Caddies' Preppie Girl. Shortly after that Brett quit. He said the band had no focus. And a month later he came back. We continued to play for a while and made some of our originals; Pedophiliac, Turn it Down, and Emo. Later on we got a flyer telling us about a Battle of the Bands at the YMCA. So we slapped together our fist recording. It’s referred to as the “shitty” recording because it came out all distorted. We recorded it on Brett’s video camera and I put it through the mic input on my computer, recorded it, and burnt it to CD. Then our friend D-Bag told us that he hooked us up with a show with Bill and Rubber Room Productions. It was at the Mason Lodge in Southington. Sometime around that time (I don’t exactly remember) but we threw together couple more originals, Religion and Freedom Ain’t Cheap. During our April vacation we threw together our 2nd demo thanks to my friend Will Cayer. He had an 8-track recorder and we recorded live through a rented PA. A few weeks before out next show show I tried to order some stickers but they never came until after the show and I still have almost all of them. But this show was the beginning of the end. Brett and I started a ska band called “Skankin’ Jew.” Chaud was upset that he wasn’t going to be drummer. The show was on May 31st 2002. But SJ played after Go By Bus and it was SJ’s first show with bill. After that Brett quit and Go By Bus was dead. Later that summer I got a call from the Webster Theater asking Go By Bus to play. I flipped and I asked Brett and Josh. They were up for it. We tried Nate Manwear to play as 2nd guitar but that never really worked out. I held a show at my house to try and sell tickets. Go By Bus and SJ sounded like shit and the point of the show colapesed. So we never did play at the Webster. So yet again Brett quit and we tried out good friend Adam Basiel on bass. He was a good bass player on his own but he had no rhythm what so ever. Go By Bus was now DORMANT. At the end of our Sr year Brett, Josh, and I all had a Mass Media class. One of the area’s we studied was music and we had to do a project. Go By Bus lives again! We played Turn it Down fine but due to technical errors (miscommunication, and we couldn’t hear my amp) we fucked up our Alien cover. We practiced twice for that and somehow we were able to play alien. Ever since we got together we wanted to cover it but could never get it down and for some reason we finally did. We were then asked to play at Billapooza. We threw a bunch of new covers and even a new song (Regrets). With 5 practices under our belts somehow we managed to pull off our best performance. There were only like 10 people and we got told by a few of them that they actually liked us witch was a first for us. So wouldn’t you know it our best performance barely anyone saw. A few weeks later we had a chance to play again at Sullivan Hall but we we’re notified in time. Brett had his grad party and Josh was working. Shortly after that Josh and I went into Nate’s recording studio. The drum tracks went by fast and some guitar tacks. The guitar tracks were redone and we had to wait to get Brett into the studio. And naturally he came high. Later on I finished the vocal tracks, mixing, and touch ups. Will we return again? who knows....

Songs: Orginals and Covers