Keane @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 19th February 2004

Photo © Gig101 2004

‘We’ll never be rock ‘n’ roll,’ declares singer Tom Chaplin as he sips from his cup of tea on stage. Indeed, Keane are a very British creation. They hail from the quiet town of Battle in Sussex and make wonderfully heartfelt and emotive music without guitars. Tonight at the Rescue Rooms, the audience get the feeling that this is the start of a quiet revolution.

After a disappointing set from the lacklustre Grand Transmitter, the band appear and launch into ‘Can’t Stop Now’ - It’s a particularly apt opening, if they write more songs of this quality they’ll be on everyone’s coffee table by this time next year. They’ve been hailed as the new Coldplay, just like every other ‘soft rock’ band that have emerged on to the scene in the post ‘Parachutes’ era, but on tonight’s display they have the potential to be a great deal more. It’s the uplifting nature of the songs combined with Chaplin’s fantastic voice that separate Keane from other bands of their ilk. Debut and breakthrough single ‘Everybody’s Changing’ has more melody than any Travis album and sees the crowd members quietly nodding with approval, whilst new song ‘We Might As Well Be Strangers’ is a taster of what to expect from the forthcoming album ‘Hopes And Fears,’ due out in May - It appears we’re in for a treat.

The band storm through the rest of the set with an incredible sense of confidence, with Chaplin’s vocals scaling new heights by the minute. Current single and radio staple ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ is a nod to their small town roots, but ironically this is the song that may well elevate them to enormous heights. ‘This Is The Last Time’ and B-side ‘Bedshaped’ round off this triumphant outing, their epic choruses surely destined to soundtrack our summer. With a major label backing their enormous talent, it won’t be long till they’re challenging David Gray for that dusk slot at the V-Festival.

Set List

  • Can't Stop Now

  • Everybody's Changing

  • Your Eyes Open

  • Sunshine

  • Bend And Break

  • We Might As Well Be Strangers

  • Snowed Under

  • She Has No Time

  • Somewhere Only We Know

  • Allemande

  • This Is The Last Time

  • Bedshaped

    Jeremy Lloyd