Feeder @ Hammersmith Apollo, London, 1st May 2004

Tucked away so far this year recording the follow up to 2002’s excellent ‘Comfort in Sound,’ Feeder are back in the capital for one night only as part of Carling’s latest musical extravaganza. The fans were told to expect a greatest hits set as well as some new material, and on that basis Feeder do not disappoint. Now established set opener ‘Come Back Around’ kicks off proceedings, this a timely reminder of why they are considered as one of the best live bands around. ‘Come Back Around/I Miss You Around’ cries Grant Nicholas – our sentiments entirely. We are treated to more highlights from their last album – ‘Comfort in Sound’ is now an emotional epic, and ‘Forget About Tomorrow’ sounds as majestic as ever before.

Four albums into their career, this Welsh/Japanese duo have amassed a highly formidable back catalogue, and half the fun of a Feeder gig these days is seeing which particular gems they choose to share with us. 1999’s ‘Yesterday Went Too Soon’ was a criminally underrated album, if the songs we hear from it tonight are anything to go by. ‘You’re My Evergreen’ is arguably the best thing Nicholas has ever mustered, whilst ‘Waiting For Changes’ is a joyously upbeat attempt at social comment. Whatever Feeder are trying to say, it’s very clear that they’ve got something up their sleeve for everyone, the large number of age groups represented here tonight at the Apollo a stark illustration of this. Whether it’s bubble gum pop like the once ubiquitous ‘Buck Rogers’ to get the moshers going at the summer festivals or more sombre ballads like ‘Quick Fade’ to serenade late night dinner parties, Feeder seem to have all the answers.

Of the two new songs on show, ‘Bitter Glass’ should be a welcome addition to their already impressive repertoire, its acoustic leanings suggest a permanent departure from the FM friendly rock days of ‘Echo Park.’ However this is not to say that ‘Seven Days In The Sun’ and the euphoric ‘Just A Day’ aren’t welcomed with open arms, these are arguably the highlights of the evening and put a smile on just about everyone in the 5000 strong crowd. It was not so long ago when the future of this band was thrown into doubt following the tragic death of drummer Jon Lee, but a career defining album later and Feeder find themselves with the world at their feet. If the new album is anything as good as the last, the Muse’s and Coldplay’s of this world better start trying to reinvent the wheel. They’ve got competition.

Set List

  • Come Back Around

  • We Can't Rewind

  • Insomnia

  • Comfort In Sound

  • Bitter Glass

  • Forget About Tomorrow

  • Oxygen

  • Just The Way I'm Feeling

  • Buck Rogers

  • Quick Fade

  • You're My Evergreen

  • Waiting For Changes

  • Descend

  • Victoria

  • High

  • Seven Days In The Sun

  • Just A Day

    Jeremy Lloyd