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GHS Band Members '03 - '04

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The band is made up of ninth through twelth grade students in the high school. The first semester of Band is Marching Season and the second season of Band is Concert Season.
In marching season, the band marches at the games as a half time treat for the audience and its another way we practice for regional marching contest.
In concert season, we play spring, and winter concerts, we still march in the parades and we practice everyday in 3rd hour for contests!

Even though you would think that the band would be one of the easiest classes you could take, you're wrong. Yes, the class is fun, and yes the trips typically are fun when we go places, but it is a lot of hard work, too; not just fun and games.
We all get up in the morning to be at the School's Sports Arena's parking lot at 7:00am. (Who knew that there were two '7 'o clocks' in a day?!) We practice marching for about an hour, about 6:45 or 7:00 to 8:50am. We practice the shows you see at halftime every football game!! :)
We memorize our music so we can play it as we march. We memorize that part, too! Everything you see at the games is everything we practice on a day to day basis. Both early in the morning and in 3rd hour. Think it's easy? You try to memorize sheet music, your marching drill, and getting up in the early hours of the A.M to march your butt off! But, those who are in band enjoy it, (well, not the marching in the mornings... or in the middle of the hot days of summer.. but ..the trips are fun.) and we try our best to keep on top of things.

That's the Pride of Glenpool Marching Band.

email me if you have any ideas or questions.