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why do they control you
defend yourself against it
you are able to
it`s all the same shit
they use you
but you don`t know
please believe me
the time is now

don`t let them bring you down
don`t let them bring you down
they want to use you
so you don`t have to
let them bring you down
don`t let them bring you down
they have influence on you
lies are never true

you are their tool
you`re useful when they need you
you are such a fool
you`re lying in their flue
open your eyes
can`t you see
they`re telling you lies
set yourself - free


you know they got you
you know they use you
full of hate are you nothing
show your face
show your hate
don`t lie yourself
you can`t run away...
you can`t run away...


hey wayne
what have you done
with the dead girl in your car
why have you tearedroped her dress
and broke her neck
why have you broken your rules
what have you done
in the the dark

i don`t know what`s going on
in your sick world - what`s wrong
the sickness of your mind hurts
while nobody likes you
you`re running in your own truth
what`s wrong...what`s wrong

hey wayne
is that the surprise you`ve talked about
don`t say a word just shut your mouth
you`ve lost the path the thin line of your life
you`ve crossed the line...
crook in your car...

i don`t know...

nobody needs your pain
nobody knows you wayne
nobody loves you wayne
the first step was always better
when it seemed to be love at the first sight
you told me the words i wanted to hear
but the truth was always kept in your mind
i don`t know if im depressed
or if this is just hate
pretending it would end with a friendship
what you really are comes out too late

cold plaguing stitch (cold plaguing stitch)
cold plaguing stitch (cold little bitch)

now it`s time that i should calm down
`cause anger cannot last forever
but now that it`s all over
you`re talking out things i didn`t even
know `bout me
i wish life would be a tape
so that i could reel back from the hate
from the stress and the pain
but with the next relationship
the fucking game starts again and again

don`t hate me for beeing contended
`cause you`ll never be
you just hate me `cause you`ll never agree
see things in another way
don`t say you can`t fly `cause you never try
don`t hate me for the things i do
better than you

what do you see
you or me
what`s so wrong
with beeing happy

don`t compair and stare at other people
they love what they do
but in your view it isn`t of value
don`t hate me for beeing proud
i`ll say it loud what i`m thinking about
don`t hate me for the things i do
better than you
you`ll never be contended
you`ll never agree

what do...
look at me i`m a freak
your nausea
i`m a naughty nipper
i`m your pussy
you all are harder than me
do you think so
no one`s tormented by you
than i do

i kill you all you better run
fuck you all - everyone`s gone
you better kill me i`m hunting you
you all will die - fuck you

nobodies pain is harder than mine
you`ve pushed me in a wall
that`s fine
hey do you like violence
`cause now i`ll mutilate you again and again

i kill you...

look around
nobody`s here
no one to help you
fear is the only thing you`re feeling
you know my hate is bleeding
don`t watch - you
can`t see me
don`t scream - i can`t
hear you
don`t wait - i won`t
come back
don`t call my name - i
am dead

a thousand tears i
have cried for you
and it didn`t touch
now i`m gone and
you`re crying
i`ve lost my grip in
your lies

look into past and
it`s your fault that i am
my revenge`s in my
i wish i could see you

now you see what
you`ve done wrong
but you can`t make it
cry, shout, pray and
do what you want
i won`t love you again

a thousand...