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Links Page, uhhhDUH!

Musicians Friend - Where We Buy Our Shit!

Fairmount - this really kick-ass band we met from Boston, check them out! We're hoping they'll come down sometime and rock out with us.

Feed My Sheep - our very good friends, what more can I say, they ROCK, check em out, now bitch! we respect these guys too much sometimes. We'll definetly be playing with them sometime in the near future.

The Farewell Address - Chris Mongillo, formerly of 3/4's of Hero, this is his solo project, what more can I say than, he puts us to SHAAAME.

*A Mississippi Winter* - This really sweet 2 person acoustic band, with two really kick-ass girls in it, you better check them out now, or they'll kick you in the nuts! We can only pray to play with them sometime.

Homestar Runner - EVERYBODY! You haven't actually laughed till you've witnessed the true genious and hilarity that is Strong Bad...EVERYBODY!

!Grand Finale! - The dust has finally settled, everythings cool, check them out, they have a bunch of shows coming up you should go to. Look for us playing with them soon as well.

Charlie Don't Surf - Definetly one of the best up and coming bands in Bristol, right now. We really wanna play a show with them.

T.R.A.S.H. - A really fun ska band from across town, they are great live. We're hoping to play some shows with them, great crowd pleasers. Skank your ass off!

the kleptomaniacs - Cool dudes.

Far From - These guys are effing great, well known through-out the CT scene, check them out! We're hoping to play with them at least once.

Another Dead End - All around good guys, we wanna play with them as well.

The Tunka Mighty - Total Indie Rock, these are guys are amazing live and so much fun, some of the most talented guys that have come around CT in a while. U better check them out or else. We can only dream to play some shows with them.

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