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Davey B

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I'm the whiny 'emo' bitch, a.k.a. Dave

Ok so this is where I tell ya a little bit about me, I'll keep it brief for u...

I'm the spoon-player/guitarist/vocalist for For Hire

Quote/Inside Joke: "..."[if you've ever 'instant-messaged' with me, you'll get that alot]

Hobbies: Online shit(i.e. chatting on AIM, surfing/building websites), bike riding, hanging with friends, horror and comedy movies, any worth-while concerts or shows

Likes: Girls who play the keytar, SoBe, walks/bike rides, movies, not being bored

Dislikes: school, gym class(hence me not going), concert choir, being bored

Bands(in no particular order): The Ataris, Tenacious D, The Space Twins, !Feed My Sheep!, a bit o' blink-182 here and there, NOFX, Bright Eyes, The Weakerthans, SaveFace, T.R.A.S.H., Sugarcult, OkGo, The Rentals, The Special Goodness, The Farewell Address, =w=Weezer=w=, Flip Four, Dead Kennedys, The Rocking Horse Winner, The Ramones, The Tunka Mighty, Foo Fighters, Charlie Don't Surf, The Vandals, Saves the Day, Tripside, Jimmy Eat World, The Offspring,

and I'm always finding more... ...-Dave

Dave Uses: Squier Standard Fat Strat(NOT the one pictured above), and the beat-up Epiphone Explorer that he won on eBay, the old Squier Affinity strat was taken apart and scrapped for parts(this is the sheit pictured above), and Rogue 100w Combo, 2x12 yes these pictures we're taken on my basement floor.

Who wants to taste my general tso?

you want to taste my general tso?

I'm-a give it to you now

Who like my chopstick

hit you when I shit with my little-ass dick


If you wanna see me eat Jell-O

I never seen nothin' like you before

I can kick you

higher than you can kick me

I can kick you way up into a tree

Who wants a taste of my oo-long tea?

Ho ha ho ha ho chi chi

Everybody in the phone book name Chang

wanna see my wang?

Neva Good God hit the gong with a bang.


Everybody wanna see me throw a fireball

but that's not right not in real life

You will fall

down and break yo leg

Everybody wanna see me break a leg?

Well I don't

but I like fried rice

and I got lice

Ching chow woah ching wang woo wice

that ain't nice

for a fortune cookie

i always charge you twice

Delivery is free but not from me

I only charge a dolla fifty-

fifty five. wanna see me GO GAA?

Hit you with the lies. HAI YA!

War when I hit you with the shit do a split

Take a shit have to go eat my shit kung-fu

Want my buffet? You fucking gay, ah

Wai-lo hit you with the hay

Stay the fuck away

Hit you in the balls.

Only Americans eat duck sauce

And my soy sauce is for you,

I can put it in your shoe

Watch this-

I can tiptoe while you take a piss

In my bathroom spy on you

while your little boy shits


I can kick you if you don't pay the bill

And if you want a little mint, vthat's fifty cent, bitch

Everything cost a little bit vSo don't expect nothin for free,

at least from me Ching Chang Chewie

I got you from Taiwan city

and Hong Kong

I just smoked a bong

and I can do it all night long

And don't mistake me for a Viet Cong

I can get you and tackle you take you

never see me When I get you and make you

Rope you up and put you in a bamboo cage

and make you feel all my rage

Poke you with a little stick

till you page your buddies

to come napalm me

God damn that shit burned, blew away my whole city

Ho Chi Minh Shoot a load on your chin

God damn thats a sad goygo goodbye vAnd if you wanna come on in

You can work in to my world

where the yellow shit begins HAI YA

Can't be tamed

I got shit to control your brain

and it's called

Egg Foo Yung, En Lo Main

So come on in baby

and have it just the same


No wok tow ung di day

HA, I don't suppose ha haha Huh?

huhhhuhu huh