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Chris C's BIIIII-O

Welcome to My "Bio"

Name:Chris "Topher" Cerniglia

Age:15,But look older (so i have been told)

My Part in the Band:I write music,Play Bass,and Some vocals..but not much,i sign out of key to much.

Hobbies:Riding,Playing Bass,Playing my WW2 games,And Slowly going crazy!!

Likes:Girls that dont like Playing my Bass,And well,just anything to have fun.

Dislikes:Preppy Little Assholes,The jocks that always ask me to play football after i have said i am not,and Every time i Break a string on my BASS!!

To Be continued!!Some day.or NEVER!!!! i'll take never because who wants to learn anything about me?

Bringin' back the fat bassists, one band at a time....

Chris Uses: Squier Chris cerniglia P-Bass, custom black pickguard and black racing stripe, and Rogue 120w, 1x15. boom.

This link Does not work because i don't think i want to give out this great program that you can write music with.