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The searh is on: Hunt for The Band

Quote for the Day:

Aight, I am an aspiring singer/songwriter, and hopefully, like everyone reading this, I wanna be famous so bad it almost hurts. Never mind it does hurt. lol. Any ways, I'm looking for your basic classic rock band, along with a whole lot of the new stuff, and I am willing to expand on my ideas. This is, but not limited to: rock, punk (even though I'm a self-proclaimed poser), and also hip-hop. Hey- Aerosmith and Run DMC did it. RIP Jam Master Jay. I am also a fan of, *gasp*, pop, but that may be saved for my possible solo career. This is serious as far as fame goes, but, I'm not expecting this to be my only project. I do have pics and voice clips so you can get a better estimate of my look and appeal. And as far as my voice clips go, I plan to start taking vocal lessons seriously. So, I'm sorry if they sound a bit amature-ish. I'm sorry if this doesn't sound right for you, but then, maybe it's not. Who knows, I'm young, ideals change. If you're interested, just write to me and tell me what you have for me. Click on my email address below. If you write, please include your name and telephone number. I also have AIM, so if you want to IM me, my screen name is dirrtyrocknroll. So, if you see me online, holla at me. Thanks, Flirt Rose