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ACRYLIC DRUMS: ďA thing of the past. That should stay in the past!Ē Acrylic drums were the craze of the 1970ís. It was new, see-through acrylic shells made of the material named acrylic plastic. Unlike the other material drums, these drum were loud, broke easy if dropped, (especially Vistalites and Rainbow Vistalites) were basically manufactured for the sound of the 70ís, and were later rejected because of the look was out of style and too many problem with shell failure. About every drum company introduced their version of acrylic drums. Ludwig was the most popular manufacture, and made some very nice looking kits, especially the Rainbow Vistalite series, and the Tivoli lighted version of the 3-band Rainbow Pattern ďAĒ Big Beat Outfit. However, Vistalites were the weakest version of acrylic drums, compared to Zickos, Sonor, Fibes, Rogers, Slingerland, and even Hayman! They are known for unsupported seams in the Rainbow Vistalites, out of round shells, and mounting hardware screws being to short and coming loose under heavy tension. Zickos and Fibes are still producing really nice looking outfits still to this day! However, see-through shelled outfits or acrylic drums are not the style of todayís music style or drumming style! They are basically targets of collectors or drummers that are not with in the style of todayís drumming technology. Rainbow Vistalites are certainly are not in style as they were basically a disco fad based outfits. Rainbow Vistalites, and single colored Vistalite drums are being boosted in price to were they are not worth even spending money on unless you are collecting them. Even odd colored Vistalite kits are not worth the money on, chances are you will be stuck with it for eternity, unless you can find a 70ís drum freak that loved the Vistalite line entirely. Today they would be sort of laughed at and called Barbie Doll drums! The repairing of these drums are not worth it, itís expensive too say the least, and most of all, weakens the shells! Once they are cracked or HEAVILY damaged they are not worth all that much money and will be over looked by retailers and buyers for some reason have an obsession of these kinds of drums. These so called experts or most knowledgeable companies are owned by very rude and blood sucking leaches who like to threaten the individual WELL KNOWN RETAILERS who repair these drums as well. Theyíre one certain group who are anonymous, who are basically stoned and drugged up and stuck in the 70ís. Dealing with these individuals is a wish that most RETAILERS AND SMALL TIME COLLECTORS do not want to encounter, and anyone would hate for you to deal with this bunch of pricks. The craze for these drums wonít last much longer, due to the overwhelming of the people that they have been taken advantage of and screwed, plus these drums wonít even be worth buying because of obsolete (already known for that) sound and looks, plus being very fragile and things of the past. Originally a lot of these people didnít like them to begin with, and I think it was a just fad that should not have been even thought of. Oh, well, with the amount of people that these people have screwed will eventually make them obsolete and come back on them. Itís just a matter of time. As far as most are concerned they can take their collection and take a rolling fuck at a rolling bass drum! Who really cares about their stupid and ugly and revolting collection, which make them think they are the gods of drums. Poor busted luck gay bastards! Lighted drums, like the Tivoli Kit by Ludwig was a cool and neat looking idea, but lights and drums donít mix. Too many electrical failures, and prices are just ridiculous for these specific types of drums. Another Disco fad based outfit. And only made 1 year because of too many electrical problems. Likewise, Disco, Rock music, the 70ís, see-thru drums are dead and buried with the past, along with the minds of some repair individuals and players. GET WITH THE TIMES AND DONíT DEAL WITH THE PAST FADS.UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING A FREAK SHOW. GET WITH THE NEW STUFF FROM: SONOR, DW, TAMA, PEARL, YAMAHA, MAPEX! THE COMPANIES THAT ARE WITH THE NEW INNOVATION OF TECHNOLOGY AND SOUND IN THE BEST MADE OUTFITS, HARDWARE, and ACCESSORIES AND NOT THE OLD DEAD STONE-AGE ERA OF THE 70ĎS! GUESS ITíS YOUR CHOICE BE IN WITH THE NEW TECHNOLOGY CROWD OF DRUMMERS OR KEEP PLAYING YOUR ICE-CREAM BUCKETS!