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In Transition

I'm the ground beat caterpillar watching out for footsteps
I need a place to hide.
Some darkness, a place to undress, somewhere I shed my skin.
Throw something casual on inside.
If I was able to fly away like Superman I'd take off
But I'm waiting for my cape.
It's a sad situation when you're living on the inside
When you're looking for another day

And I'm turned around and back around
Staring my past in the eye.
When the nest breaks I'll die or I will fly
I can't look back 'cause it's almost time to fall...

I'm in transition, taking no position
Setting up my mission, I'm in transition.

I'm a lonely adolescent on the crescent of my growing years,
I need a place to rearrange.
And a back room bar drinking beer and smoking cigarettes
Won't facilitate my change.
At the same time I feel fine without responsibility,
But the feeling doesn't stay.
Am I expected to find a wife, buckle down and get a life,
Do I need to start today?

And I'm turned around and back around
Staring my past in the eye.
A childhood life I've been taught to defy.
All the problem with the world is
People lacking patience like me.

But I'm in transition, building up cognition
Raking up ambition, I'm in transition.

I'm the middle-aged sick-of-life, I hate my job, and I hate my wife,
But I'm alright with my children.
I need a twenty year old blonde that I can gaze at fondly
To rediscover love.
I'm a pseudo punkie, I've become a hippy junkie,
Looking for a better deal.
In my side street city that's become a rural pity
I need some NYC DC

And my time to meet the sky like a monarch butterfly
Today's a beam of light that's shining into gray.
I'll take the here and now and scrap you out the rest
Hey man, I'm on holiday and I'm doing my best.

Wrap it up or toss it out,
I'm in transition, taking no position, building up cognition,
breaking up ambition, but I'm transition.
I feel like going fishing...

© Mitch Treger