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Changing Colors

My mind is like an autumn leaf,
Changing colors all the time,
Rusty brown from all I know,
Branches bare, what I thought I knew all falls behind me.

The chill, cooling out, the school of thought
You once attended.
The wind is sucking down the beer you bought
Ideas that had melted back in summertime.

Dry, October sun, like a pumpkin
With a billion candles burning through the flesh
My heart is summer fresh
Like the air I let rush in through my lungs.

My brain, feels alive, take a dive
In the head I shed September twenty-second.
I can't forget it. I was myself then.
I'm a different me. Now I see winters bias, see it for
The lies it really is.

My mind, like a springing tree,
Changes sizes all the time.
Grassy greens, from what I know,
Gardens grow. For all you really know is
Just a circle, just a circle, just round.

© Mitch Treger