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The Emptys

Sadly, the Emptys' webpage has been removed.

Welcome to The Emptys' Lyrics Page

Produced by Doug Derryberry & The Emptys. All songs written by Mitch Treger. © 1994. All Rights Reserved.

Bridge Across the Ocean

Produced by Doug Derryberry & The Emptys. All songs written by Mitch Treger. © 1995. All Rights Reserved.

Pick Your Ears Up

All songs arranged by The Emptys.  Horn arrangements by Peter Fraize. All songs written by Mitch Treger. © 2002.  All Rights Reserved.


Meet the Emptys

Formed in the early 1990's by singer-songwriter, Mitch Treger & bassist, Jeff Reich, The Emptys are a veteran jazz-rock outfit with talent to burn. Supplemented with Bruce Hornsby guitarist, Doug Derryberry, saxophonist extrordinaire, Professor Peter Fraize and driven by the percussive pyrotechnics of session drummer, Leland Nakamura, The Emptys are a legendary live band.

In a region overflowing with great players, just being gifted musicians won't get you too far. A band has to have great material too, and it is here that The Emptys shine. With a repertoire of over 100 intelligently-crafted, ingeniously melodic songs, the band never fails to engage and amaze audiences up and down the East Coast.

The Washington Post Online. Scott Brown 2/01

Peter Fraize - Saxophonist Mitch Treger - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Leland Nakamura - Percussionist Doug Derryberry - Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Jeff Reich - Bassist

Note from Jeff Reich: ...As to the band we have been unable to all get on the same page for the purpose of doing gigs. Our personal lives and music lives are busy. Peter, myself and Mitch all have young children which makes traveling for little money difficult. Hopefully we will get back on it soon because we all miss playing the music as well.


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