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Save Big $Money$ On Car Repairs

Dear Car or Pickup Truck owners,

     Do you feel you are paying way to much money at your auto shop?
Do you sometimes pickup your car, after having it in for repair, to find that it is taking longer than promised, or the bill is way more than you were quoted?  Your answer is probably yes, correct?  I have found this to be true a lot these days.

     I am contacting you today to offer my help with this frustrating and costly matter.  I have an Associates Degree in Automotive and Diesel Technology.  I have worked for several years in various Auto Repair Shops.  My various jobs included repair and service on Cars, Pickup Trucks, and Over the road trucks and trailers.  I am currently working as an alignment technician, and tire technician.

     Working in the shop environment for so many years I have learned and noticed the "tricks of the trade".  I have compiled an e-book entitled "You Are Spending Way Too Much Money at Your Auto Shop!  It describes and teaches any person who owns a car, what he or she can do to:

         1. Save incredible amounts of time and money each and every time you take your car to the shop.

       2.  How to get your automobile back when you need it, not when it is convenient for the shop. 

       3.  Who to contact if you feel you have been cheated by an auto shop.

       4.  How to become a V.I.P. Customer, receive first class treatment from the shop.

       5.  Rest assured your automobile is safe for you and your family.  And much much more.

     I have spilled everything I know about loopholes and flaws in the auto shop that you can use to save Money, Time, and frustration into this e-book.  They are all included in this e-book.
     Why an e-book you ask?  Well I decided to compile this information in an e-book for several reasons.

           1.  I wanted to make this information as easy to obtain as I possibly could. Without the huge cost of mass printing. 

         2.  I believe everyone should have the opportunity to save money and time on car repair.

         3.  I didn't want my knowledge to go to waste.

         4.  I am tired of watching auto shops have the upper hand each and every time.

Are you tired of this to? Then don't hesitate, Order Now and Save Big each and every time you take your car to  the shop.
    The techniques used in this book, work each and every time you take your car to the shop.  It works for oil change and service, small repairs, and large repairs.  Even when purchasing tires.

    Please allow me to share it with you and order now. With the book I am including my contact information.  You can e-mail or fax me anytime with questions about your car, or shop.  I am also including free updates for life with this book.  If I find anything I left out of the first issue, or learn a new money and time saving tactic, it will be automatically sent to you free of charge, right to your e-mail.

     What do you think this kind of information is worth to you?
If you are tired of paying too much money at the auto shop on your car maintenance and repairs, or waiting too long to get your car back, it may be worth quite a bit.  I gaurantee this book will simplify the situation and ease that frustration. 

     I am asking $5 for this e-book.  I believe this is a fair amount.  Do you?  If so, and choose to order it.  Simply click on the link below.  After paying with paypal I will send the e-book to you by e-mail.  Your e-mail address is then stored in my database of customers so that I may e-mail you updates.  Thank You for taking the time to read this message.
                    Cory S.

P.S.  If you have any questions about the book please feel free to e-mail me at

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