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The Atlas Marijuana Cultivation Guide

Germination   ·   The Seedling Stage   ·   Planting Seedlings   ·   Soil Preparation and Planting   · The Vegative Stage   ·  



Germinating your seeds is probably the easiest step in marijuana cultivation.

  1. Find any container that has a top
  2. Moisten 2 paper towels with luke warm water
  3. gently fold and place 1 of the 2 paper towels into the container
  4. Lay out your seeds gently approximately a few centimeters apart
  5. Now that we have got to this point ,you will need to cover the seeds up with the other layer of paper towel
  6. Finally you can put the top on the container. The seeds need some oxegen to survive so there are a few options. You may puncture the top of the container with a few holes or just don't seal it completely.

The Seedling Stage


When you can see a white "tail" that is approximately an inch long petruding out of the seed, you can begin visualizing cute little baby marijuana plants.

Planting Seedlings

You will need a few things from your local homedepot. Pots play a major role in plant growth. I recommend starting in 1 gallon then transplaning into 3, and 5 if you feel it is neccessary. If you are not going organic, the only other things you need are some perlite for soil airation and soil. If you choose to go organic buying some blood meal and bone meal would be a good idea.

Soil Prepartion and Planting

  1. Mix 1 cup of blood and bone meal per 10 gallons of soil
  2. Fill pots 1/3 of the way with perlite and procede to mix
  3. Moisten the soil and then fill up your pots with the mix.
  4. Finally take a pen and dig a 1 inch into the soil.
  5. Now place the seed gently into the hole and then cover it up with alittle more mix.

Light Cycles

The Vegative Stage

By now your plants should have 4 nodes. The nodes reveal alot about the plant and are just its way of branching out and becoming more mature. From now till flower your plants will be growing vegetivly with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness meaning width, height, and vigor. Vegative time varies plant to plant. The only thing you want to take into concideration is height. When you put your plants into the flowering stage they will have an intial stretch that will last approximatly 2-3 weeks although it does vary plant to plant. Most plants will double in size so make sure you have a reasonable amount of room (vertically) so they don't hurt from the high intensity heat the light can produce. This also will depend on the wattage, but I will discuss lighting in another paragraph.

You have made it to the best stage of the marijuana plants life cycle. Light switch to 12/12 now to induce flowering. The reason for this is if the plant does not get a certain amount of dark hours it will not pruduce flowers. Like I said in the Vegative stage section, expect a large stretch in plant size. Flowering times vary plant to plant. This is usually determined by the % of sativa or indica. Indicas have shorter flower times.

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