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BC rich BICH, new jersey Series. 1970's Stendell 100 watta amp. WITH TWO 18'' SPEAKERS. A DOD grung pedal and a Boss super chorus. Ernie Ball custom Guage Super Slinkies

BC rich Acrylic green Mochingbird, Jersey Neck through Warlock, Jersey Beast, Fender P-Bass, Fender JP-90, and a vintage Rickenbacker. 700 watt output peavey firebass with more speaker space than i care to calculate. Fender Strings


Uhhh... he sings with a microphone...whatevers on sale...and a 160 watt Kustom PA head with two 4x10" speaker cabinets... they're foamy and padded and stuff...

what has to be one of the shitiest drumsets in existence...CP's...they're i put Remo heads on them...he uses whatever stick we have lying around.